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II. My conception of Competitiveness Cluster

World Competitiveness Cluster

The era of the globalization (in reference to the WTO) obliges us to consider the Competitiveness Cluster on a world and not individual scale.

Thus, the World Competitiveness Cluster could define itself as a balance in perfect balance, borne on its base, itself placed on a stable support.

Because the big businesses are established to the international, the political must act with and not against their leaders. Nationalize a group under the pretence of risk of dismantling of sites towards the foreigner, or put his veto on the sale of an affiliate, in so shareholders… brings only a dictatorial vision of a political that does not leave any choice to the leaders, otherwise to relocate itself as early as the first occasion. What that it would use to be a leader, if the final decision is maker the political in place? …

Let’s not forget, that it is the private sector that allows the public sector to exist, by its monthly, quarterly and annual contributions to all taxes (professional Tax, Taxes on the Companies…).

A social-politico-structural model can continue only by the financial competition of the private sector, of its employees, of its leaders and in upstream, of its shareholders.

The leaders are there to do the Business, no Social.  After, those shareholders there think can only to contribute in very favor of the growth return.  But for that works, it would be necessary that the shareholders of all businesses who are recruiters of mass through the World, takes the decision to create, at the same time, a consumption pole that can do counterweight to the production pole and thus to establish a balance, a World Competitiveness Cluster. It is essential to create Production there where is situated the Consumption.

The consumer is located at the end of chain of the economical system.  If he cannot consume anymore (new car, home, travel, spectacles, food, etc…), it no longer will serve to continue to produce, from which of new restructurings, to closing of sites… … …

From the moment, where the political reflect on individual Competitiveness Cluster, that is to say, to the scale of a country, I do not think that these political are able to find a viable solution to go out of the crisis.

This strategy in solo drives inevitably the economy of the opportunists and decollators countries, to an imbalance of the Competitiveness Cluster, with a major risk of a pandemic crisis, without treatment, inducing the pure and simple bankruptcy of big groups, jewels of the world business…

Individual Competitiveness Cluster - 1

Pôle de Compétitivité individuel - 2

The XXIème century, or the century of a World Economy in a Crisis Contrast, will not be able to know prosperity, of general growth return, what while reflecting on a program of integrating modeling of parameters (of all the member nations of the WTO), to different “t” instants and with the association of combinations and variables.

 It is the WORLD that must go out of the crisis and not only a country… 


******* dossier complet / complete file *******

ECONOMY – World Competitiveness

Towards a modeling of World Competitiveness Cluster

ECONOMY – Towards a modeling of World Competitiveness Cluster

Vers une modélisation du Pôle de Compétitivité Mondial

ECONOMIE – Vers une modélisation du Pôle de Compétitivité Mondial


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