Accueil > Environment > How a business that neglects the security to the profit of gain, such as BP, can she repair his devastating impact on an Environment and his Ecosystem, when this company is in the inability to stop the leak?…

How a business that neglects the security to the profit of gain, such as BP, can she repair his devastating impact on an Environment and his Ecosystem, when this company is in the inability to stop the leak?…


The explosion followed by a fire on a platform of oil drilling, Deepwater Horizon, in the Gulf of Mexico, who itself produced April 20, 2010 finished, two days more later, by to flow the platform in the abyssal plains, which me obliges today, for the love of our Earth, to share my opinion… beyond devastating impact on the environment, 17 injured and 11 disappeared persons on a crew of 126 persons are to deplore.

This is while disappearing in the depths, April 22, 2010, that the platform would have damaged the drilling well, provoking thus, an oil leak, inaccessible to the human and visibly uncontrollable to the scale of the robot.

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico reaches US Gulf coast


NASA satellite imagery keeping eye on the Gulf oil spill

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Aerial Views Show Leak’s Size

BP Is Criticized Over Oil Spill, but U.S. Missed Chances to Act from the New York Times

Oil Spills from the Ocean Studies Board and Marine Board of the National Academy of Sciences

The Cost of Offshore Drilling: Photos You Haven’t Seen – Greenpeace

clip_image006 Considering this current event very alarmist on a threat Ecological major and its consequences on the local populations and the Economy, we will interest ourselves:

clip_image001 to a natural resource, the oil,

clip_image001[1] to the oil spills and to their consequences on an Environment and his associated Ecosystem,

clip_image001[2] to the Microbic Ecology as repair model to clean for certain pollution of oil…

clip_image001[3] At last, we will close this post by questions that we cannot anymore allow ourselves to neglect… brief, by my mouth blow… and homage to heroes, the Coast Guards and all the voluntary rescuers.

This catastrophe that was predictable is the decomposed fruit of two businesses: BP (for British Petroleum) and Transocean (owner of the platform), who perfectly knew the associated risks to the drilling in deep water and to the insecurity of the exploitation of their platform Deepwater Horizon … Their choice to minimize the risks defines perfectly these companies, who deliberately abused the confidence of the authorities to obtain the necessary agreements to the exploitation the off-shores…

Here three videos to understand the extent of this catastrophe, that today threatens the coastal of several states of America, to knowledge, the Louisiana, the Mississippi, the Alabama and the Florida …


What’s more to be negligent, irresponsible and disrespectful of the environment, British Petroleum (more know under the initial BP) uses the poor fishermen, who have just lost their job of the continuations of this disaster that touches now the American coasts, for propose them a paid job to the day and to the minimum: yes, a job of dog paid in artificial bone…

I explain: these poor fishermen, for survive this disaster, will have to improvise themselves rescuers, to nude hands, without any protection, without gloves, without mask and without serious formation… to clean waters soiled by the oil spill generated by the British Petroleum…

Just for info, BP would neglect equally the potentially carcinogenic strength of the oil, what’s more of his teratogene power?… Why do not impose to the shareholders and to the leaders of this companies to assume their fault and to improvise itself equally rescuers alongside the voluntary?…

I do not understand that the media do not support these fishermen and all others voluntary, to demanding to BP that she furnishes the clothes of secure (to protect them from the direct contact of oil with the skin and inhalations of gasses) and that she assumes the health to come of all these voluntary, without forgetting the coast guards and the military officers… while recalling the consequences of this type of salvage on human health… The history of the oil spills through the world left tracks, that it suffices to be going to look for in the archives of the hospitals… and the media have generally the means to find them.


clip_image001[4] clip_image008 The oil is a natural resource that pulls to his exhaustion and that it is maybe time to replace by renewable energies

Concretely, the oil is a body of carbon rocks liquidate, composed from atoms of carbon (C) and of hydrogen (H). It would have formed itself, during the Eocene period, there is about 60 millions of years, according to the book Elements d’Ecologie – Ecologie Fondamentale, of François Ramade, Edition Dunod, ISBN 2 10 006837 7.

But the geologists David Selby and Robert Creaser of the University of Alberta seem to have succeeded a dating more specify of oil, while using two isotopes (the rhenium and the osmium), who would be present in the trace form in the oil. Thus, they date the first asphalt sands to 112 millions of years, during the Cretaceous period… When Do Rocks Become Oil?

The formation of the oil (as the one of the gas) is the final result of three successive phenomena:

clip_image002 the accumulation in depths of organic matters, originated of animal and vegetable,

clip_image002[1] the transformation of these organic matters in hydrocarbons (of 1500 to 3000 meters of depth to temperatures of 60 to 100° C) or in methane (to more than 4000 meters of depth to more of 150° C),

clip_image002[2] their migration heading for the earthly crust (according to their density and permeability of the rocks stores) and their storage in pockets reservoirs (covered of impermeability rocks, said also rock cover), that according depth, stocking crude oil or gas.

Here two very interesting animations and well illustrated, to understand the formation of the oil up to his exploitation, followed by informative and educational links:

Oil – Sedimentation, Transformation, Migration by Bruno Haas (this is a very interesting animation, in French)

The extraction of the Oil or Gas (educational and very interesting animation, in French too)

Slideshow of Geological Survey Petroleum Resource Assessment of the Bakken Formation

The formation of the oil – CNUCED (in French)

The oil – its formation, its property and its exploitation (in French)

Petroleum from Wikipedia

Extraction of Oil (in French too)

IFP – Institut Français du Pétrole

Oil & Gas Science and Technology – Revue de l’Institut Français du Pétrole

Oil and Gas Journal

Discoveries News from Oil and Gas Journal

The 85th International School Of Hydrocarbon Measurement



clip_image001[5] The Oil Spills, or the expression of the oil on the negligent human activities …

Understanding Oil Spills and Oil Spill Response

To understand Oil Spill (in French)

The first cause of pollution of the hydrosphere is linked to all that touches to the oil, since its extraction, its transportation up to his usage (in fuels and lubricating…); I think among others to the degassing that certain captains of boat do it without scruple…

Even if the accidents on the platforms of maritime drilling are rare, their consequences are disastrous, fact, that it is a drilling matter in deep water. These accidents are very difficult to repair or to master … They induce Oil Spills, spread and movable on considerable surfaces, Jeopardizing all an ecosystem … let us wish that the shipwreck of the platform Deepwater Horizon brings more of perceptive at the time of the Offshore Technology Conference 2010  that take place at Houston, in the Texas, of the 3 to 6 May

As for the accidents of transportation of the oil, they are frequent and to the worldwide scale, counts held that more than 1, 2 billion of tone of oil per year are transported by maritime way through all the oceans…

Here a sad worldwide history of Oil Spills

The biggest Oil Spills of the history in picture – Le Figaro

Oil Spills from Our Ocean Planet

Oil spills: overview of s responsibilities from Notre-Planete.Info

Recent disaster shows dangers of oil drilling in Gulf of Mexico

Economy over Environment: the Limited Coverage of Louisiana’s Oil Spill


clip_image001[6] clip_image012 The Microbic Ecology as inspiration source to reply of some pollution

Under certain conditions, the Microbic Ecology can substitute itself to the rescuers to clean a soiled site by pollutants …

This is already the case, in the treatment of waste waters, that are recovered in the treatment stations, for to be filtered, treated chemically… then subject to the bacteria that nourish themselves polluting elements… before being rejected in the Water Rivers…

For the pollution to the hydrocarbons, there exist the bacteria, say hydrocarbonoclastes, that is to say able to degrade the hydrocarbons; these bacteria nourish themselves, among others or preferentially, of hydrocarbons. Their exponential growth, in a environment considered rich in nutriments, to clean the site polluted, according to a length that will depend on the conditions of growth of these bacteria…

In Microbiology, we talk about optimum condition of growth of a bacteria (more precisely of a bacterial colony), to describe the property of an environment, who allow a maximum growth of the bacterial colony. These conditions depend on factors that according to the bacterial type, take a specific value for the temperature of the environment, the pH, the salinity, and eventually of other factors, such as the pressure hydrostatic… that favors the maximum growth of these bacteria… Beyond the optimum of growth, the bacterial colony will be in a stress state, where the products of its genes will help to allow the survival conditions, with an inhibited growth. But the expression of its genes is only transitional… These bacteria have the capacity become acclimated to their environment, according to a range of tolerance, beyond which, the bacteria do not survive.

It exists also another category of bacteria, say Extremophiles Bacteria, who develope permanent genes, and of which the products of their genes allow them supporter extreme conditions and there to grow… These bacteria develope genetic systems, who give them thus the permanent and not fluctuating capacity of adaptation to an extreme environment… This is the case of bacteria Hyperthermophiles, Psychrotrophes, Acidophiles, Halophiles, Barophiles, Osmophiles, etc…

Here links on the consuming bacteria of hydrocarbons, of which a very interesting thesis on the metabolism of four models of hydrocarbonoclastes bacteria:

Oil-eating bacteria – work sheet from Biotechnology Online

The below thesis allows understanding the constraints linked to the environments, in which bacteria to specific metabolism, hydrocarbon eaters, must survive and especially there to develop quickly for to play their role of cleaning a pollution… among these four bacterial models, there are one, that can partially, but efficiently intervene in the cleanup for "his capacity to degrade a big variety of hydrocarbons liquidate and solid", the time to construct another drilling or a cupola (more improbable) that would stop the hydrocarbon escape, that rises to more than 800,000 liters a day (equivalent to 5,000 barrels a day)… It is a matter of marine bacteria, in form of stick, Gram- (who define the structure of what separates exterior environment of her), optional anaerobic, ubiquities, named Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus (perfectly described in page 93 of this thesis)…

Distribution lipidique and metabolic ways of four bacteria Gram- hydrocarbonoclastes. Variation according to the carbon source.

Biofilms on hydrocarbons

Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus ATCC49840 – A ubiquisty kind in environmental sea

Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus gen. nov., sp. nov., a New, Extremely Halotolerant, Hydrocarbon-Degrading Marine Bacterium


clip_image001[7] It is no longer possible to continue to minimize the probably risk of irreparable pollution from the viewpoint of the Environment.

This is a legal, financial and economical act, that to demand at BP, the reimbursement of the inherent expenses to this pollution … But will BP be able to replace to the identical one, the Wildlife and the Flora that she threatens to destroy? … Will The British Petroleum be able to replace by their clone, the reptiles, the birds, all the sea animals … all the marine flora… that will die of these Oil Spill?…

How is it possible to conceive operating systems of the natural resources without some to model all the risks, even the most improbable ones… We are at the 21st and not at the 19th century!!! Technologies exist; software of modeling exists to determine the level of security of every potentially polluters and/or dangerous companies and their capacities to do facing any disasters… Then why minimizes it the risk levels???… This is aberrant…

We are in the worldwide economical crisis, with populations, who through the world survive so although poorly, and contradictory, with many companies, or rather despicable shareholders, that prefer to continue on a growing profit to the price to neglect major risks, see irreparable.

Why need one has to await a such ecological disaster before imposing rules that it no longer will be possible to bypass? … It is time to the leaders of the entire world to do of this disaster deliberately provoked by the British Petroleum (that voluntarily neglected the security for more of profits) an example, while establishing drastic measures in opposition to all natural resource exploiters…

At the speed of pollution and of degradation of our Earth, the Environment has no longer price… The Environment cannot buy itself anymore… or even not by the tax carbon that is only a punitive solution, who allows the polluters that have money, to continue to pollute…

It is no longer possible to continue to exploit our natural resources with as much of negligence… Of more, all these technologies arrive in life end, with materials, who aged and that would be too costly to replace in a context, where the objective of many companies is to increase the gain to the contempt of the security… I think about the maritime floats, in the transportation of the hydrocarbons and other pollutant, to the rail transportation, to the industries, that save on maintenance etc…

In such a context of bad will, it is time to pass to the renewable energies…

Let us finish this post on a grade of Courage, of Heroism and of Humility, the one of rescuers, that through the world, intervene to the peril of their life, in extreme conditions and very often unthinkable, the coast guards…

In the framework of this disaster, quote the American Coast Guards, who attempt by all the means (and with the scientific support of the NOAA), to take the check of this disaster, but in vain: the escape in depth took another dimension, with two other leak, and BP could not be unaware of this risk…

Here useful links to understand and to be informed of evolution of the rescuers to attempt to stop this leak and its heavy consequences:

What is the latest news on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill?‏ – from

Oil Leak from Damaged Well in Gulf of Mexico – from Earth Observatory of NASA

Salazar Launches Full Review of Offshore Drilling Safety Issues during Visit to Oil Spill Command Centers on Gulf Coast – from U.S. Department of the Interior

About the Minerals Management Service – from U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. Department of the Interior – Our Mission: Protecting America’s Great Outdoors and Powering Our Future

EPA Establishes Web site on BP Oil Spill / EPA

Federal Response to BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico – from EPA

Oil Spills by Emergency Management – from EPA

Additional information on the broader response from the U.S. Coast Guard

NOAA’s Damage Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration Program (DARRP)
As a trustee for coastal resources, NOAA protects and restores habitats injured by hazardous waste sites, oil spills and vessel groundings.

Oil and Chemical Spills by National Ocean Service – from NOAA

Oil Spill Preparation and Response – From U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Secretary Napolitano and Secretary Salazar Launch Full Investigation of Deepwater Horizon Incident in the Gulf of Mexico

I invite you all to rejoin Deepwater Horizon Response on Facebook,
Flickr, Twitter and You Tube… for following the evolution of the
position in new, photos and videos …

Horizon Response on Facebook

Deepwater Horizon Response on Flickr

– Deepwater Horizon Response on Twitter

Horizon Oil Spill on You Tube

Updates for Deepwater Horizon Response – Blog

Below, you will find their official website:

Deepwater Horizon Response website – Gulf of Mexico Oil
Spill Response

Response Center – Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill



Courage to the American Coast Guards, to the soldiers and to all others voluntary rescuers, who themselves find again now in a race against the clock for minimize as long as possible the predictable ecological disaster, the time to seal the leak… And thanks to all Scientists that work alongside the rescuers to repair of such errors caused by the ignorance, the bait of the gain and the irresponsibility companies, such as BP…

Have a lucky Week everyone…

Here others useful links:

Understanding Petroleum Reservoirs from Geological Society (This is a book that we can read online)

Understanding Oil Spills and Oil Spill Response from EPA

Response and Rescue Plans for Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles Impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

… to follow in photo the Deepwater Horizon Response:

U.S. Coast Guard on Flickr

U.S. Coast
Guard Eighth District External Affairs on Flickr

Coast Guard Auxiliary 3-02 on Flickr

Louisiana GOHESP on Flickr
– The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency
Preparedness’ mission is to lead and support Louisiana and its Citizens

Discover the Coastal Louisiana before the Oil Spill on Flickr

Usepagov – EPA’s Deepwater
Horizon Response on Flickr

Department of the Interior on Flickr

Oil Spill – Greenpeace USA on Flickr

unfolds slowly in the Gulf of Mexico

Horizon Response Story – Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

… to admire the water Wildlife & Flora and the interest to preserve them:

NOAA’s National Ocean Service

NOAA, Ocean Explorer

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