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Learning from Haiti Earthquake and from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano


Encourage, finance and develop more the scientific research is not a luxury. This is a necessity, the one to contribute to the evolution of our level of knowledge to reply, among others, to natural phenomena, and to their consequences in human losses, sadly heavy… The hostile mastery of an environment to the existence allows setting up of the adapted technologies in the middle, and thus, to avoid that of such human dramas do not reproduce themselves… sadly repetitive, with recently the earthquake to Yushu, in the province of the Qinghai, in China…


In January 2010, I presented you a team of researchers, specialized in Geoscience, in Geophysics,… and of which the works were financed, largely by National Science Foundation. This team, directed by Eric Calais went then on the places of the earthquake of January 12, 2010 to Haiti…

A Geophysicists team to Haiti to evaluate others major and spread risks


clip_image009The here therefore of return with for luggage, the result of their research in the field of this natural catastrophe, that recall us, more than 200. 000 deaths and more than 1 million homeless people… It will be for us the possible occasion to follow live April 27, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. the broadcasting on internet (by webcast) of this research in the field with pictures and video to the support.

Learning From Haiti Webcast by Science 360 & NSF

Science360, News Service by NSF

I would want to profit from it to recall the necessity to continue to support certain associations, such as the Red Cross, Doctors Without Border, Doctors of the World, Unicef, Action Against Hunger and some other Foundations, that help the persons in distress… on the catastrophe places, of miseries and of wars…

I would wish, equally, pay homage to the Civil Security and to the Firemen of the entire world, that put their life in peril to save the one of the others… We could think, in front of such disasters, that they do not sufficiently about it … But in front of such a desolation, the fact even to save a life can to kill another, by the simple movement of a leaf, of a stone, of a concrete block…the uncertain work conditions that make their work an extreme difficulty.

We always reproach to the first-aid workers of not to have done more and quickly, but facing the extent of damages generated by the natural disasters, may God bless the civil security and all others rescuers, that are involved themselves to save lives to the peril of them, just by love for humanity…

clip_image011 A wink to Sun Lay, for his two albums photos on the earthquakes in China, to Yushu (in the province of the Qinghai) and to Szechwan. Thank you to China to have not censored the broadcasting of these pictures, that must not shock or use as voyeurism, but rather to warn and to sensitize the public opinion:

clip_image001 on the probable consequences of the constructions in the zones to risk,

clip_image001[1] on the impact of the trades that save, Civil Security (forgotten them in the thanks) to all the others rescuers,

clip_image001[2] on the interest to continue to support big associations and foundations, that work through the World to improve the daily of those that all lost.

clip_image001[3] At last, on the importance of the scientific research, that brings his contribution in several domains (techniques of first aid in constant evolution, to medicine, while going through a reconstruction more viable, information and warn in real time…).

clip_image002 the earthquake at Yushu, in Qinghai Province, in China

clip_image002[1] the earthquake at Szechwan in China

An other wink to Connie, for her big entries "AFTERMATHS

What’s more to be educational and very interesting,
her entries release a lot of emotions, of sadness and importance to help our
next…  For a lot of us, we do not
choose our place of life… 

A lot of populations, through the world, live
regularly natural disasters, with for first consequence, the one to lose their
next… and for secondary consequence that comes to add to the broken heart,
the one to all lose… and of duty any begin again to zero…


Here therefore a reason of more to let our knowledge
level evolve on the natural disasters while supporting more the Scientific
Researches and to bring our support financial to the big associations and
foundations, who work on all the places of natural disasters to carry helps, to
help, to support, to allow turning the page, for again any begin to zero… 

Below some informative links on the earthquakes:

Understanding Earthquakes Makes for Messy Science by USGS

Earth Monitoring (EM) by Geoscience Australia

All about Earthquakes by Live Science

Understad Earthquakes

In the list of the natural disasters, we have just seen the earthquakes, that hold the record in human losses.

But there is a natural disasters, who does a lot to talk about her, since March 20, 2010, to have paralyzed the worldwide aerial traffic. It is a matter of the awakening of a volcano of ice in Iceland, the volcano Eyjafjallajökull.


A scientific study in course, financed by the NSF, interested in several volcanoes of ice, among others, the volcano Eyjafjallajökull, for the geological impression that they can leave after every eruption.

The fragment analysis of wash, of rocks… reject after every eruption and their geographic position in the time are as much information to confront on a geological scale.

The collected data will allow establishing geoclimatic cycles on a long period and to estimate thus the impact of volcanic such an eruption on the climate to come and widely on the climatic changes and their consequences on the parameters of a Society: its health, its economy, its political and its management of the populations…

Scientists Study "Glaciovolcanoes," Mountains of Fire and Ice, in Iceland, British Columbia, U.S.

The characteristic of the volcanoes of ice is the one to be covered with glaciers, which the more threatening return, in the measure, where:

clip_image003 the melting of the glaciers that recover the volcano provokes downstream floods,

clip_image003[1] the encounter of the magma in merger and ice generates powerful explosions of volcanic ashes,

clip_image003[2] the smoke plume, interwoven vapor of water and of particles of volcanic ashes, rises on more of about ten kilometers in the atmosphere, to clearly superior speeds to the one generated by the eruptions of the typical others of volcanoes, with for possible consequences, accumulation and the dispersion of these particles in the stratosphere and his impact in the deterioration of the layer of ozone.

I would like to do a small parenthesis about the behaviors of moaners of the travelers through the world, dissatisfied to see their flight immobilized to the ground, and to the financial and other consequences, generated by this paralysis of the aerial traffic … at the same time, if we had allowed the pursuit of the aerial traffic, these same travelers certainly would never had any more have occasion to moan of their life, because we would have be deplored a sad record of aerial crashes …

Here, we have to do to a natural catastrophe, an eruption volcanic with ash release, that rediscover themselves concentrated in the atmospheric circulation, provoking thus an accumulation of particles that can damage gravely the reactors of the airplanes, until to provoke their breakdown and the probable risk of crashes…

While to say, otherwise, that if I was a blocked traveler somewhere in the world, I would be well happy of this paralysis of the aerial traffic… that has for principal consequence, TO SAVE LIVES… to the price to disappoint customers.

For counsels and information, here two guides that you can download free on the risks for health of the volcanic ashes and the measures of precautions to take:

Pamphlets for the public and emergency managers by the International Volcanic Health Hazard Network (IVHHN)

The Health Hazards of Volcanic Ash, a guide for the public

Guidelines on Preparedness Before, During and After an Ashfall

What is the status of flights after the Icelandic volcanic eruption?

Below, you will find some interesting links to understand the formation and the awakening of the volcanoes:

Latest Volcano by the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS)

Volcanoes by NOAA

Volcano Data and Information by National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)

Understanding Volcanoes by Home School Learning Network

Volcanoes of the World by Global Volcanism Program

Volcanoes by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Volcanoes by EPA

Volcano by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Volcanoes by FEMA for kids


Machine Earth by Vulcania

Volcano by

Online publications by Geoscience eJournals


Beyond the geological study of the volcanism, the volcanic eruptions can light up us on certain climatic phenomena, such as the formation of the tornados… Here another pertinent research to have double results, the one to understand the structure and the volcanic dynamics of a mesocyclone and its similarities with the tornados.

Tornado-like Rotation Is Key to Understanding Volcanic Plumes


At last, I would want to finish this post on a wink for all the team of the Vortex2 project, that has for objective to understand and to analyze the formation of the tornados, To arrive a day to master them, and not only to warn us of their apparition. The team of the Vortex2 is composed from about one hundred Scientists, grouped together in a forty of Sciences… for a synergy of result.

Thanks to NSF and to NOAA to support the works of research of Vortex2, among others on the ground, while bringing the whole financing necessary.


VORTEX2 Tornado Scientists Hit the Road Again

A Special Report Disasters by NSF


Without the obtained knowledge thanks to the data retrieved by all the Hunters of Tornados, we would be to deplore again a lot more deaths in tornados as the one,responsable of ten deaths in the Mississippi (provisional report); and among the victims, a baby of 3 months and his brother of 14 years…

Rural areas searched after Yazoo Mississippi tornado

Forecasting Tornadoes

The Scientific Research is the work of Men and of Women that contribute to nourish our daily of one Passed and of a Future… let us support them, for that of the projects, such as Vortex2, result in a future, to the mastery of the climate fury.

Have a Blessing and Scientific Support Week…

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  1. Natural ♥
    26 avril 2010 à 16 h 58 min

    Hi Valerie, Each of us need to help our fellow being with prayers and education to make this a better world. Scientific research is an important part of trying to make things safer for natural disasters, and need not be past by because of lack of help. Thank you for this informative blog. Blessings~

  2. connie
    26 avril 2010 à 17 h 34 min

    Hello Valerie,Thanks for these very informative and educational blog.

  3. Here I Am
    26 avril 2010 à 19 h 12 min

    Thanks for bringing information that can be shared with many who need. Mother Earth is a hard one to predict and the over population of her will only increase the losses when she does release her built up energies. May science find a way to calm and soothe her. Take Care Carrie

  4. Valerie
    26 avril 2010 à 19 h 14 min

    Hi Natural Person, Connie and to all,THANK YOU a lot for your comment!!!… What’s more I love the compliments… oups… and I lack always modesty… lol… You know, I found in my blog, a means to share with you all, the subjects that fascinates me, and that they could you all interest… This is also a means for me to support the causes, that seems very important to my eyes… Then, if what’s more I have supporters, I am so happy… Thank you again for your comment!!!…Have a Great, Wonderful and Blessing Week everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  5. Valerie
    26 avril 2010 à 19 h 21 min

    Hey Carrie and to all,I’m sorry, you were quicker than me to write your message… A huge one THANK YOU Carrie for your comment, to recall all us the importance of the Sciences facing a growing population… and to our Mother the Earth, that can be imprevisible by certain of her natural disasters… As you say so well: "May science find a way to calm and soothe her."Have a Great, Wonderful and Blessing Week everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  6. Aeolos
    26 avril 2010 à 20 h 26 min

    One earthquake, is needed at once : in Dubai ! So that all this energy eater and arrogant society, will dissapear… They spend the same amounts of electric power, with the whole third world !… We humans, are so small in front of natural powers. But we don’t want to realize… Good evening Val !

  7. Valerie
    27 avril 2010 à 12 h 43 min

    Hi Aeolos and to all,I’m absolutely agreed with you dear Aeolos… They construct on sand, they spread themselves on the sea… but until when?… And especially until which degree of acceptable risk, knowing that the risk 0 does not exist?… And the day, where the nature will get the upper hand on the Man, will they accept the responsibility of the consequences of their constructions?… if I would have loved descend in reminder of the tower more high of the world (because I love the height sensations…), this tower not respect the environment… and even not respect the norms of security … I consider Dubai as a center of matters and not a place of tourism… It does not have anything to see excepted of the buildings and to the interior a fleeting luxury, a luxury that one does not want to touch, because it is beautiful to see only without track… Then which satisfaction can one to have, to live in such a luxury?… Personally, I think that the true luxury is the one to climb to the summit of the mountains for to admire an again wild nature that surrounds a life in perfectly adapted Society to such an environment, who respects his environment and that priority invested in the green technologies… This is that the true luxury… the one to be at the point of the green technologies and surrounded by a wild nature and not of a visual artifice that relates nothing… The nature, she speaks us, she sings and she cries when she suffers… and this suffering is conditioned by the pollution of the archaic human activities, for to the 21st century, the point activities are the one that think and that develop green technologies, on a futuristic esthetic…While to say, otherwise that those that invest to Dubaï did not understand anything… the only valid and extraordinary successful investment in Dubaï is the Formula 1 circuit, who offers to the entire world the magnificent vision of a circuit secure to the maximum, with a superb lighting, structured bends & dynamics and with materials of points… This investment of course cost very dear, but, the Formula 1, beyond to be a sublime race of single-seaters, this is an immense laboratory, where the better pilots to the world are using as guinea pigs for the Sciences and where technologies of points, materials… are tested before being adapted in different environments, such as the aeronautics, the space, the automobile, etc… Brief, excepted the most beautiful and the more technique of the circuits to the world, I see nothing others to Dubaï, otherwise yachts, buildings, and businessmen that have too much money to waste, who have no respect for the environment (not investing anything in the green technologies) and that give nothing, defining the existence by money and not Humanity… Their populations die hunger and do not have any work, or less, a work of paid dog in bone and considered as a cockroach… Then, I ask myself a question: How can one to have as much money and to be so stupid, while a part of these huge gains could be invested in of noble and respectful causes, * in the development and the research, * in the education for all, * in the access to the cares for all, * and especially to eradicate the hunger in the world… … … … … … … … when we want, we can… it suffices just to want to realize good, intelligent and green actions.Have a Great, Happy and Scientific Week everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  8. la revolution gOoOgle
    27 avril 2010 à 12 h 53 min

    J’aimerais ton avis! As-tu vus la video de ce volcan avec des oiseaux ou des ovnis qui passent au loin. Ovnis ou oiseaux je ne comprend toujours pas. kiss Valerie

  9. Valerie
    27 avril 2010 à 15 h 29 min

    Salut la Révolution Gooogle and Hi to all,LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Il y a une catégorie très spéciale d’internautes, la catégorie de ceux qui cherchent à faire parler d’eux et qui sont prêts à tous les truquages et autres montages et blabla en vidéos sur des faits d’actualité… Selon les vidéos que je viens de regarder sur le web, suite à ton message (et je n’ajouterai aucun lien pour ne pas nourrir ce type d’intoxication informative), l’explication à donner est :• Une tâche dans l’objectif du caméraman amateur d’illusion médiocre ;• Le travail d’un illuminé, qui croit se rendre intéressant ;• Une équipe de géologues survolant le cratère pour prélever un échantillon… oups… LOL !!!… • Bref, sur le web, il y a beaucoup d’intox et très peu d’information… Ce qui est médiocre est de voir les médias relayer ce type d’intox… Très Bonne Semaine à toutes et tous !!!…

  10. Aeolos
    27 avril 2010 à 16 h 26 min

    My dear Val… I’m so glad you agree with this -a bit crazy indeed…- idea of me ! And I like it a lot, that you gave us documents and links about this Dubai situation. I absolutely agree : this place is not ideal for tourism. And if I wanted to see a tower, I’d surely prefer the Eiffel power… 🙂 Kisses from Greece !

  11. connie
    27 avril 2010 à 18 h 20 min

    Hi Val,I should thank you again for your researches. It’s a hard work to bring all these links into your blog..It cost time and brain energy.These informations are so interesting and uesful for all who are really in need. About Earthquakes, I myself have experience twice but not that extreme as these earthquakes that happened recently. Honestly in my country, I never knew that many volcanoes exist. I only knew a few. Through your wonderful blog I was able to discover all the names of these volcanoes. Thanks Val. Hugs to you and take care

  12. Aeolos
    27 avril 2010 à 21 h 31 min

    Talking about Earthquakes and Volcanos : I guess you know, that Greece is the most active country in Europe, in these disasters. I had the experience of two big earthquakes (in 1981 & 1999). And the truth is that we always have the fear of a new one. The second one was really terrifying, as it lasted for long and happened in Athens, a city of 5 million people… As about volcanos, there are about 6 active ones in Greece, in the named as "the volcanic ark of southern Aegean sea". One of them, the volcano of Santorini island, made one of the 3 biggest eruptions in historic ages, destroying the Minoan civilization in Crete island ( around 1.650 B.C.), with a huge chunami that reached the coasts of Africa. The last big activity of this volcano, was in 1954… Hope we gonna be more lucky in the future… Have a nice evening Val, in the arms of Morpheus … 🙂

  13. Aeolos
    28 avril 2010 à 17 h 07 min

    I ‘ve read about the workers’ conditions in Dubai, Val. They’re actually hostages there, as they’re not payed for months, but they also don’t have money to get back to their homes. So, they stay there and work … without being payed ! It’s abnormal ! So much glamour everywhere in this land of paranoia, but also medieval conditions, for those who have built on the sand, the Dubai dream…

  14. Valerie
    29 avril 2010 à 20 h 28 min

    Hi Dear Aeolos and to all,You perfectly defined the Dubai dream: “medieval conditions, for those who have built on the sand, the Dubai dream…”At the same time, you know, I have trouble to understand how the leaders of the countries, where their populations of honest workers are treated, through the world, as dogs…, do nothing to protect their people… All the peoples of the WORLD deserve the same esteem, the same respect, the same consideration…At last, I think that it is utopian that to hope to have in the future, the responsible, respectful and protective leaders of their population… It is with difficulty imaginable, that in of such country, as Dubai, that considers itself modern, there is of such work conditions, where rather of slavery… that defined perfectly the detestable behaviors… THANK YOU to the economical crisis to be worldwide, who touch also these pathetic businessmen ready to all, just for more of money…The 21st century, would it be the century of incoherence?… Other example: to have construct Europe for to slope off itself in case of problem… Which cowardice from the European leaders of not to assume all the positions, and not only the prosperity… In any case, by her current behavior, Europe is too loosens for to hope a day to have reliability and the security of the 50 states that are united for the better and for the worse and that form the US… At the same time, this economical crisis allows our leaders to forget the Environment… During this time, some Companies can continue to pollute in any impunity.This is stupid, because this is while betting the economical development on all the themes of the environment, since the scientific research, the constructions to the protection of the Environment and Health, that the world go out of the crisis economical more and more quickly than we could believe and in good health for our Earth and for all its inhabitants…And while our leader does us to waste our time, this is at each of us to believe, that it is possible to convert this world into crisis, just to adopting the solidarity, green and responsible behaviors… responsible of oneself and of his next one; responsible of our acts… That each of us are the gardener of our Earth to offer to the future generations a less polluted Earth and a lot more developed on a green futuristic vision…Follow the example of associations as that already work for all us to think about the future generations… is an other petition, since for the love of our Mother Earth… We must neglect no earth to think about the future generations…Good Night everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  15. connie
    29 avril 2010 à 22 h 24 min

    Hi VAL,Dubai dream is in my opinoin a matter of prestige.Thanks again for sharing us the different links which are really very useful and important.I would like to share you these Aftermaths of natural disasters.Take care and wish you goodnight .!861CF597831362D6!20352.entry

  16. Valerie
    30 avril 2010 à 10 h 28 min

    Hi Connie and to all,Thank you a lot for your comment and for your entries!861CF597831362D6!20352.entryWhat's more to be educational and very interesting, your entries release a lot of emotions, of sadness and importance to help our next… For a lot of us, we do not choose our place of life… A lot of populations, through the world, live regularly natural disasters, with for first consequence, the one to lose their next… and for secondary consequence that comes to add to the broken heart, the one to all lose… and of duty any begin again to 0… Here therefore a reason of more to let our knowledge level evolve on the natural disasters while supporting more the Scientific Researches and to bring our support financial to the big associations and foundations, who work on all the places of natural disasters to carry helps, to help, to support, to allow turning the page, for again any begin to 0… Have a Blessing WeekEnd everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…Take care…

  17. Ludger
    11 mai 2010 à 19 h 30 min

    Hello ValerieThank blog for your informative one. A great mess is already what has happened there. I only hope, this nature is not damaged to too many. These hopefully get this into the handle soon.Cordially yoursLudger

  18. Valerie
    12 mai 2010 à 20 h 22 min

    Guten Abend Ludger and Hi to all,Thanks a lot Ludger for your sincere comment to support these so important and sad natural disasters…The financings that certain foundations, such as the National Science Foundation, attributes for scientific researches in the field of natural disasters, as the one to Haiti, but also, to Chile, will allow a day to pierce the secret of the triggering of these disasters, to see to master them, but also to avoid so many deaths… The pictures are often necessary to show us the importance of the sciences for become aware to preserve the Humanity… We have again a lot to learn on the natural phenomena of our Mother Earth… Thank you again Ludger for your commentary!!!… Have a Happy & Blessing Evening everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…Ich wünsche Sie zu alle, das eine Glückliche & Segnung Abend, Tschüs und zu bald!!!…

  19. 26 octobre 2010 à 10 h 18 min

    Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds

  20. 12 août 2011 à 10 h 33 min

    I love what you guys are up also. Such creative work and reporting! Carry on the superb works guys I have incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll. I’m sure it will improve the value of my blog 😀

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