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Complementary informations on the 40th birthday of the Earth Day

… Here a complement information on the 40th birthday of the Earth Day Clin d'oeil

Celebration of Earth Day 2010, a planetary movement that celebrates its 40 years after his creation by Gaylord Nelson

clip_image003America celebrates his 40th birthday of the Earth Day, that was born April 22 1970, after 7 years of active engagements and of student’s complicities, alongside the eminent Senator of the Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson,

clip_image001 to modify the behaviors lives to screw of our environment,

clip_image001[1] to create a responsible & greens current, and,

clip_image001[2] to let the voice of the environment hear in the political speeches.

This movement marked of a white rock the structure of the Environment protection, a movement that wants itself educational, sensibilisator and active, a movement that has for order word, the one to do Earth Day everyday and to take advantage of his anniversary date to mobilize all the good wills, of sort to create positive actions in mass…

clip_image005 The mobilization of the American people, generated by the Earth Day of April 22 1970, thus allowed the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency of United States (US EPA), December 2 1970, is some months only after his own creation and with him, the adoption of a law, that since, has more evolved while integrating human health equally: «Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species…»

It is while supporting actions builders and towns through the world, that one obtains the better results. Each to his manner, can contribute to changes behavior in favor of our Earth. This is the reason why the Earth Day quickly transformed itself in a federator worldwide movement of actions for the protection of the environment…

Of big Men believed, well before us, to the interest to bet on the protection and the security of the Environment. We are all masters of the present time and of a tendency to the evolution… certain that the future belongs to the projects realization. And it is the transformation of the project in realization that leads us to believe that every action is traced the human footprint… Then let this man and bring our contribution to protecting the environment, ecosystem, of our Earth…

Good health begins with each of the health of our Mother Earth.

In no other country to the world it is possible to find an agency of Environmental protection also revives only the US EPA… It opposed to American dream, that can seem utopian, the EPA could define itself as the American action. I want to say by there, an agency that depends on the US government and that contributes actively in favor of the Environment, with the objective to be very interested in all that the surrounds, such as the associations, foundations, etc… and their fights. Thus the EPA replied in favor of the action conducted by for the safeguard of the Appalachia’s mountains… Hope that a law will result to classify definitively these mountains in the historic and geographic American heritage…

To all those that are very interested in the environment, I am anxious to signal that the EPA is a source of very useful information for all ages and across the world…


You will find below some links that perfectly introduce the US EPA:

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and the EPA

Earth Day and EPA History

All events over the country

… show the world it’s your environment

EPA News You Can Use – April 2010 – Special Earth Month Edition

Put the environmental tips widget on your own web page

History of EPA

Teaching Resources by EPA

The nobility of a President is the one to follow its citizens in a common action.

I leave you to look at the video below, in which the President Barack Obama asked to the American citizens all together to think about our Earth, during the Earth Day; this event, who created in April 22, 1970 thanks to Gaylord Nelson and that became a planetary movement.

While adopting all together a green behavior, we offer to the Earth Day the most beautiful gifts, the one to see the Citizens of the Earth to grow everyday a little more…

Think about the future generations while acting in the present to preserve our environment…


When did Earth Day begin?‏

The White House Earth Day web page

The Obama Administration’s Agenda on Energy and the Environment

Vice President Biden Kicks Off Five Days of Earth Day Activities with Announcement of Major New Energy Efficiency Effort

Earth Day Volunteer Activities and Events

The Earth Day Take Home Kit

The Environmental Impact of Your Energy Use


Earth Day 2010 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Wildlife Without Borders Programs

to Earth planet scale

Happy 40th Birthday of Earth Day to all  Rire

Administrator Jackson’s Earth Day Challenge

Breaking News:  It’s My Environment video compilation released


Can you count to 5? Then you can help protect the environment!

Make a Earth Day everyday Clin d'oeil

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  1. connie
    21 avril 2010 à 23 h 48 min

    Thanks Valerie for this very informative post.Happy Earth Day!

  2. Natural ♥
    22 avril 2010 à 5 h 00 min

    Thank you for this wonderful blog on Earth day.Happy 40th Earth day!

  3. connie
    23 avril 2010 à 7 h 02 min

    Children are our future for a better world, for a better and healthy Mother EarthSo many useful links on this blog to be learned and that could be passed to the children to learn and be aware of their beautiful environment . We as adults are responsible.Have a good day ..

  4. Valerie
    23 avril 2010 à 17 h 33 min

    Hi Dear Connie, Natural Person and to all,To huge THANKS Dear Connie & Natural Person for your comments and for your so wonderful pictures on my Guestbook! !!… I love them… I LOVE the beauty of our Earth and the picture allows us to capture every instant to immobilize it in the time… I received new of the Earth Day since the EPA; I have just added the links to the post… I invite you all to see these videos that you can find also while clicking on the links below:Administrator Jackson’s Earth Day Challenge News: It’s My Environment video compilation released you count to 5? Then you can help protect the environment! if I know, that you already done Earth Day everyday, and that certain of you, speaks also about it in their blog, such as you Connie!861CF597831362D6!19963.entry , and I thank you Connie of the inspiration that you transmit in your messages… I wish you to all an excellent WeekEnd while imagining a World done only of visionary technologies, Able to integrate an event continuation for reply: *** to the protection of our Mother Earth, *** to the preservation of the Ecosystems, *** to the right to a happy existence for all (without precariousness, without distress, without famine), *** to the access to the cares for all, *** to the education for all… The visionary technologies are not utopian; they are a based reality on calculations of probabilities of apparitions… The visionary technologies are the fruit of the heads who are linking, thinking and builders… Let us support them and give them the means to act…Have a Green, Wonderful and Blessing WeekEnd everyone, Bye-Bye and see you Monday !!!…

  5. Valerie
    23 avril 2010 à 18 h 04 min

    Hi to all, Before leaving, I recommend you to all to read also the post of Bekkie on Earth Day… I LOVE it!!!… THANK YOU Bekkie for your contribution to make a Earth Day every day…!36946696724F8947!5975.entryHave a Green, Wonderful and Blessing WeekEnd everyone, Bye-Bye and see you Monday!!!…

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