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Celebration of Earth Day 2010, a planetary movement that celebrates its 40 years after his creation by Gaylord Nelson

clip_image003America celebrates his 40th birthday of the Earth Day, that was born April 22 1970, after 7 years of active engagements and of student’s complicities, alongside the eminent Senator of the Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson,

clip_image001 to modify the behaviors lives to screw of our environment,

clip_image001[1] to create a responsible & greens current, and,

clip_image001[2] to let the voice of the environment hear in the political speeches.

This movement marked of a white rock the structure of the Environment protection, a movement that wants itself educational, sensibilisator and active, a movement that has for order word, the one to do Earth Day everyday and to take advantage of his anniversary date to mobilize all the good wills, of sort to create positive actions in mass…

clip_image005 The mobilization of the American people, generated by the Earth Day of April 22 1970, thus allowed the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency of United States (US EPA), December 2 1970, is some months only after his own creation and with him, the adoption of a law, that since, has more evolved while integrating human health equally: «Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species…»

It is while supporting actions builders and towns through the world, that one obtains the better results. Each to his manner, can contribute to changes behavior in favor of our Earth. This is the reason why the Earth Day quickly transformed itself in a federator worldwide movement of actions for the protection of the environment…

Of big Men believed, well before us, to the interest to bet on the protection and the security of the Environment. We are all masters of the present time and of a tendency to the evolution… certain that the future belongs to the projects realization. And it is the transformation of the project in realization that leads us to believe that every action is traced the human footprint… Then let this man and bring our contribution to protecting the environment, ecosystem, of our Earth…

Good health begins with each of the health of our Mother Earth.

In no other country to the world it is possible to find an agency of Environmental protection also revives only the US EPA… It opposed to American dream, that can seem utopian, the EPA could define itself as the American action. I want to say by there, an agency that depends on the US government and that contributes actively in favor of the Environment, with the objective to be very interested in all that the surrounds, such as the associations, foundations, etc… and their fights. Thus the EPA replied in favor of the action conducted by for the safeguard of the Appalachia’s mountains… Hope that a law will result to classify definitively these mountains in the historic and geographic American heritage…

To all those that are very interested in the environment, I am anxious to signal that the EPA is a source of very useful information for all ages and across the world…


You will find below some links that perfectly introduce the US EPA:

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and the EPA

Earth Day and EPA History

All events over the country

… show the world it’s your environment

EPA News You Can Use – April 2010 – Special Earth Month Edition

Put the environmental tips widget on your own web page

History of EPA

Teaching Resources by EPA



Gaylors Nelson Earth Day website

Introduction: the Earth Day story and Gaylord Nelson

The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies


Power the Earth Day Movement – join the Earth Day Revolution

40th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2010

The Earth Day 2010 Climate Declaration

History of Earth Day

Educators’ Earth Day Network

Earth Day


Join The Wilderness Society and Americans from all backgrounds to push climate and energy legislation forward this Earth Day

All about Earth Day

Founder of Earth Day, Counselor to The Wilderness Society


I would want to recall a quote of the former US President, the President William J. Clinton, that in 1995, called the American people to follow the tracks of Gaylord Nelson, what he quoted as the Father of the Earth Day:


“The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest honor given to civilians in the United States… Twenty-five years ago this year, Americans came together for the very first Earth Day… They came together… because of one American – Gaylord Nelson. As the father of Earth Day… He inspired us to remember that the stewardship of our natural resources is the stewardship of the American Dream. He is the worthy heir of the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt… And I hope that Gaylord Nelson’s shining example will illuminate all the debates in this city for years to come.”

President William J. Clinton, 9/29/95

40 years after the birth of the Earth Day, the battle’s horse of Senator of the Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, (that as early as 1962 attempted to mobilize the attention on the importance to think Environment), who seen officially the day, April 22 1970, this very beautiful quote would deserve to be somewhat modified:

… I hope that Gaylord Nelson’s shining example will illuminate all countries of the WORLD… I hope to imagine the LIFE of the future generation without army industries… The World People can make of the War word, a World War against pollution, against climate changes, against poverty, against diseases…

THE HISTORY OF EARTH DAY by Senator Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day


Begin us this weekend of the Earth Day with the behavioral and philosophical power of a quote of Saint-Exupery, already resumed by Jacques Languirand (spokesperson of the "Jour de la Terre”)

«We do not inherit earth of our ancestors, we borrow it from our children…»

… to meditate

At last, here of other links that cannot leave us insensitive facing the quote of Saint-Exupery:

The Fight Global Warming website


fight for the protection of the environment of Leonardo Di Caprio is an everyday
noble fight: 
global Warming (pun on M and N) and Fresh Water.

global Warming movie

Fresh Water movie

Have a Green, Happy and Blessing Eart Day WeekEnd everyone…

Thinking to make each day Earth Day…


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  1. Natural ♥
    17 avril 2010 à 4 h 57 min

    "There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." ~Marshall McLuhan

  2. Valerie
    17 avril 2010 à 13 h 12 min

    Hi Natural Person and to all,Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… I LOVE this quote of Marshall McLuhan that I don’t know… These words are so strong that they transport us in action….A huge one THANK YOU Natural Person to share this so wonderful quote with all us…Have a Great, Happy and Blessing WeekEnd of Earth Day everyone, Bye-Bye and see you !!!…

  3. connie
    17 avril 2010 à 14 h 00 min

    Greetings to you too Val. John commented to my previous post "Earth Day"…I quote.."We are resposible stewarts of Our Mother Earth."Have a great weekend and Happy Earth Day. Take care ..connie

  4. Stephen Craig
    17 avril 2010 à 15 h 09 min

    Dear Valerie, I find your post very good and informative with educational links. Earth Day in an occasion that celebrates the essential need to clean and preserve Mother Earth. It is also a reminder that there is something everyone can do every day to preserve, protect, conserve and enrich our home. Here are a few additional links you may find informative and interesting.The Environmental Defense Fund http://www.edf.orghttp://ONE.orgWomen ONE Zone Wildlife Fund http://wwf.orgThank you and as ever be well, Stephen Craig Rowe

  5. connie
    17 avril 2010 à 15 h 35 min

    Hello Val… me again, thanks for these informations which could be learned more .I got one of your link which is more detailed. Thanks.

  6. Stephen Craig
    18 avril 2010 à 16 h 21 min

    Dear Valerie, I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!As ever be well

  7. Valerie
    18 avril 2010 à 20 h 10 min

    Hi Dear Stephen and to all Dear Friends through the World,Oh La La !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… I’m so happy… THANK YOU a lot for your lovely Happy Birthday, in words, poem, image and video!!!… here, on my guestbook, on my profil, by email and on my others different spaces too… I love you all… You know, despite a spring cold, I passed a so beautiful, happy and wonderful day with a lot of unexpected surprised… but as one says me, the 40 years must celebrate itself in big… that while connecting me I also have just read your Happy Birthdays… and that did me hot to the heart… Then, that to say, otherwise that by these some words, I divide this so day extraordinary happy with you all (but not my cold, what I prefer to keep selfishly… oups… lol !!!)… May this sunny Happiness that me submerges be in each of you… That it you bring the luck, the inspiration, the realization of all your vows… I wish, for my 40 years, that my vows (that are so numerous… lol) be also the yours; I wish of all my heart that my vows allow you all to realize your projects!!!…At last, you noticed that it is my 40 years that I celebrate… and… in the week of the 40th birthday of the Earth Day…Then I profit from it to recommend you to all to read also the so Great Post of Connie on the Earth Day… Connie we relate it so wonderfully… I leave yourself to discover it…!861CF597831362D6!19963.entryWhile awaiting, to return on the web, I wish you to all, a Good Night to imagine the blue become of Earth Day and a Wonderful green Week of the Earth Day (April 22 1970)…Best Regards & Kisses from France…And as Rich says so well: “paselo”

  8. Tom
    19 avril 2010 à 12 h 49 min

    Hi dear friend hope you enjoyed a wonderful Birthday ! Thanks for dropping by and for sharing this wonderful post !

  9. connie
    22 avril 2010 à 9 h 44 min

    Wish you a happy and successful celebration of Earth Day.all my best wishes!!!!!

  10. Valerie
    23 avril 2010 à 17 h 41 min

    Hi Dear Connie, Tom and to all,Just THANK YOU a lot for your comment!!!… @ Tom… You know, I have the luck to have been born the year of the Eart Day, and even the week of the Earth Day… I have myself in a way of him to do honor and to celebrate it in priority in comparison with my birthday, who was an extraordinary surprise organized by my close ones… As I had written it, this Happiness of a surprised and unforgettable birthday, I share it with our Mother the Earth and with you all… That all my vows, and they are very numerous, are divided and not just shared in a perfect equality between we all, to allow us to realize all our projects builders… And that my vision of the Happiness is also yours… Even if I know, that you already done Earth Day everyday, and that certain of you, speaks also about it in their blog, such as you Connie!861CF597831362D6!19963.entry , and I thank you Connie of the inspiration that you transmit in your messages… I wish you to all an excellent WeekEnd while imagining a World done only of visionary technologies, Able to integrate an event continuation for reply: *** to the protection of our Mother Earth, *** to the preservation of the Ecosystems, *** to the right to a happy existence for all (without precariousness, without distress, without famine), *** to the access to the cares for all, *** to the education for all… The visionary technologies are not utopian; they are a based reality on calculations of probabilities of apparitions… The visionary technologies are the fruit of the heads who are linking, thinking and builders… Let us support them and give them the means to act…Have a Green, Wonderful and Blessing WeekEnd everyone, Bye-Bye and see you Monday !!!…

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