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The Sustainable Development Week between April Fool and Easter…


In the continuity to respect the Environment, Earth Hour 2010, engagement of WWF through the World to let the voice of our Mother Earth hear, and engagement of many other non-profit organizations, the week of the sustainable development, that unfolds itself from 1st to 7 April 2010, will be occasion of encounters, of conferences and of sensibilisation to the protection of the environment and to the evolution of the associated technologies.


clip_image001 Week of Sustainable development


clip_image001[1] What is Week of Sustainable development?

clip_image001[2] Theme 2010: let us change our behaviors!

clip_image001[3] Discover the kit of educational posters


clip_image001[4] French Ministry of the sustainable Development


clip_image001[5] Durabilis e-magazine

This playful and educational initiative addresses to all, small and big, and allows a sudden awareness towards more ecological behaviors.

Simple gestures can bring an improvement to our environment, such as everyday sort of our losses… that retrieved to the scale of a population, represent a considerably positive impact for our planet.

Just like our relation to water, that is based on one over-consumption and a lack of interest to our rivers, who tend to use rubbish dump…

As for the dynamic evolution of the technologies, in the environment domains, she brings own solutions to the businesses and an ecological comfort to the inhabitants (photovoltaïque, Thermal insulation of the dwellings, recuperation of rainwaters, etc…).

It is true that the ecological investment has a cost, but it widely profits from on the length and offers a comfort and security of life, more in phase with the nature…



To reply to an environment that would be naturally hostile to the existence, such as the coastal earths subject to the consequences of seismic activities (the tsunamis) and other, here a very interesting research, financed by the NSF, stretched to master this phenomenon and to bring a solution of viable constructions that would save lives instead of some to destroy…

clip_image001[6] Making Waves, Saving Lives

This is the perfect example of research, regarding sustainable development, where this is at the man to adapt itself to an environment and not of there to impose his presence…

For information, NSF finances programs of research, that aim

clip_image002 to understand phenomena for some to adapt technologies,

clip_image002[1] to pierce the secrets of the existence and materials for in to master to become them,…

clip_image002[2] to save lives,

clip_image002[3] to improve the life, the work and the adaptability conditions,

clip_image002[4] to develop new technologies, in coherence with a population in growth and its consequences to the global scale,

The National Science Foundation, independent of the American government, brings her financial support in all the domains where the research can bring several solutions to problems …


No one would want to live, surrounded by concrete, without a greenery wisp… Then think there and adopt ecological behaviors, respectful behaviors of our environment… Are sure to be able to protect our Environment to offer to the future generations the same natural beauty of our Mother Earth…

Have a Great Week of the sustainable development to all Clin d'oeil

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  1. ··¤ SETH
    7 avril 2010 à 1 h 43 min

    Our planet cannot sustain this rate of human population growth in combination with the fact that as poorer nations are developing their infrastructure and economy their natural resources and energy consumption rises. We have to establish a society and global economy that is based on more sustainable technologies, processes and services. If we continue as we are the very limits of the environment will just defeat us. It is not just climate change we have tackle. We have to also tackle issues such as extreme poverty, water use, land clearing and threats to biodiversity. I don’t think our national/global leaders are actually tackling the problems head on. Market forces alone will not enable the transformation that is required as businesses aim to optimise profits. Much of the initial investment for research, development and even adoption will be seen as costs to a business that reduce their profits. History tells us that economic progress is not possible without reducing poverty. We have to reduce extreme poverty to successfully move forward. This is connected to sustainable development. As poorer nations develop they also need access to natural resources and energy – which essentially need to be sustainable.

  2. Valerie
    9 avril 2010 à 18 h 49 min

    Hi Seth and to all,THANK YOU a lot Seth for your so strongly comment!!!…Yes, Seth, as you so rightly say, there are few concrete things that are done to protect our environment in comparison to struggle of so many associations, foundations and individuals, who in the world seek to focus attention on the health of our Mother Earth, on the become of future generations, on the respect for the Ecosystem.You know, in France, even if we could do much more for our Environment, Ecology is beginning to be center debate with a population increasingly interested in their surroundings (nature, life, a whole ecosystem).But it is true that leaders lack the will: they have yet the power to change things and unfortunately, they make the minimum, see anything … And when a leader, wants to change things, it is other leaders who display acute deafness … What a waste to have such power for such inertia.But given the increasing natural disasters, climate changes, an exponentially increasing pollution, even water pollution, waste stocking has become unmanageable, the leaders will be force to react well together, albeit belatedly, but still respond anyway … It is just unfortunate that in the 21st century, the century of green technologies, there is so few willingness on the part of leaders, from those who have the power to decide… Stupid to hold so much power for so few shares builders…But when the leaders agreed to hear the voice of the Earth by associations and foundations, some very nice actions can be performed such as the protection of Appalachia mountains, a land with its history and the right of a future … I found such commitments Beautiful, Noble and Unifying …!OpenDocument!/pages/ilovemountainsorg/8530147707?ref=ts this is only the beginning; much remains to be done…We cannot ask people who survive in conditions of unimaginable, unacceptable life… to think … to protect the Environment, they have not even afford to think about their own protection …So what to say except that what you write is worthy, noble and respectful of the true meaning to existence … Yes, that leaders should begin by reviewing the terms that define the "right to exist" and not "survival" : a population is a constructive population, respected population which in turn respect their surroundings, their environment, a population which then rely on to behave in green …Yes, it is a global politic based on reducing poverty and developing a sustainable and green economy to be built … But this would require joint action by all the leadership… Utopia or hope, the future will tell…I wish you to all a so Great and Wonderful WeekEnd, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…Best Regards…

  3. ··¤ SETH
    12 avril 2010 à 17 h 30 min

    I really enjoy your space, always informative and very well organized. Your entries are always very thought provoking and I enjoy them. I’m usually very tactful. But some situations call for more and then I can be downright outspoken. I know… I can be a little too outspoken. … looking forward to your next entry.

  4. Valerie
    17 avril 2010 à 15 h 30 min

    Hi Dear Seth and to all,A huge THANKS Seth for your comment that I love… You know, I love the compliments… oups… and I think to lack modesty… LOL… … …It is true that sometimes, certain of my entries can shock even if I use current event through the world. I would want to write more, but I lack too many times. Then, I select among my favorite subjects, those that have the more need to be supported…I think that it is very important, for those that live in a country, where the liberty of expression exists (at last, as long as there is not censorship… oups… lol. ..) and where their life allows to give their opinion, to express itself, to share the news or to support a cause that needs mobilization the attention through the World… And our Mother Earth seems too suffer from the human activities, which make her my priority… You know, I don’t arrive to understand certain businesses, ready to all, absolutely to all, for more of gains… this is so stupid, especially for what they do their money… Poor “businessmen”… I have penalty for them… LOL!!!… How they can be detached of existence, so materialist… Even if you have not always the time to add your so strong and so expressive commentaries, your opinion outspoken but so true, which be said or written, contribute to do change positively the behaviors… A lot of people keep quiet very often just by fear… Then I want to share a quote of Pope Jean Paul II… How much expressive with a lot of connotation: "… Don’t have fear". This quote appears so simple, but it should be source of inspiration and evolution… If I had to relate this quote, this would be to say: Happy the one that refuses any submission… A people submissive’s is a people to doom to decomposition of certain, A free people to express itself is a people to the constant renaissance. Choose to be the people of the world, free to express itself to mercy of the wind…Then, I am happy Seth that you are a little outspoken… and especially remains as you are…because I love your outspoken!!!…Have a Sunny, Green and Blessing WeekEnd everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…Best regards to all friends…

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