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Geoscience, Politic & Sustainable Development Week – Our World change and we must to evolve with it…

The April Fool that I am chose to follow the sustainable development too

How is it possible to envision the future without modifying the passivity of the present?… 

This post being a lot too long, I did not have other choice, that to transform it in PDF file. 

Then, you will rediscover on this post the introduction and the conclusion…

For the remainder, I invite you to download the named file "Geoscience, Politic & Sustainable Development Week – Our World change and we must to evolve with it" to discover photomontages that talk about themselves as well as very informative links in touch with the environmental current event & the politic actions…

Clin d'oeil Geoscience, Politic & Sustainable Development Week – Our World change and we must to evolve with it


According to the estimations, the worldwide population would rise to 9 billions in 2030 and the climatic changes that stretch to increase the intensity of the natural disasters, raise a major question: where one will lodge the some 3 other billion living on Earth, while the living spaces without too much risks, are at the exhaustion, just as our natural resources, that our Mother Earth offer us, and that we exploit it, without leaving the necessary time to the different natural cycles to regenerate itself ?…

This post will be therefore consecrated,

clip_image001 on one hand, to the géoclimate and geophysical phenomenon,

clip_image001[1] on the other hand, to the choices of the political ones facing the polluting industrials…

clip_image001[2] and at last, a positive grade will finish this post, the one of the sustainable development week, an initiative that allows sensitizing the public opinion to protect our environment and to the new technologies in phase with Ecology…


No one would want to live, surrounded by concrete, without a greenery wisp… Then think there and adopt ecological behaviors, respectful behaviors of our environment… Are sure to be able to protect our Environment to offer to the future generations the same natural beauty of our Mother Earth…


Have a Great Week of the sustainable development & a Blessing Easter’s WeekEnd to all…emticone_thumb4

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  1. ··¤ SETH
    7 avril 2010 à 1 h 47 min

    Man has borrowed heavily from this planet. It is pay-back time now. The time to debate on whether Sustainable Development is a need or not has passed. The time for individuals and corporates to act is now. The bottom line is, we are wasting so much time "talking" about the environment and not doing nearly enough about what is happening to this little blue marble we call the Earth…

  2. Arctic
    7 avril 2010 à 2 h 17 min

    hi Valerie, lots seem to be going on, hope this awareness programs great success!sorry for so long away.wolf

  3. Valerie
    9 avril 2010 à 18 h 50 min

    Hi Seth, Wolf and to all,THANK YOU a lot Seth and Wolf for your comment!!!…Yes, Seth, as you so rightly say, there are few concrete things that are done to protect our environment in comparison to struggle of so many associations, foundations and individuals, who in the world seek to focus attention on the health of our Mother Earth, on the become of future generations, on the respect for the Ecosystem.You know, in France, even if we could do much more for our Environment, Ecology is beginning to be center debate with a population increasingly interested in their surroundings (nature, life, a whole ecosystem).But it is true that leaders lack the will: they have yet the power to change things and unfortunately, they make the minimum, see anything … And when a leader, wants to change things, it is other leaders who display acute deafness … What a waste to have such power for such inertia.But given the increasing natural disasters, climate changes, an exponentially increasing pollution, even water pollution, waste stocking has become unmanageable, the leaders will be force to react well together, albeit belatedly, but still respond anyway … It is just unfortunate that in the 21st century, the century of green technologies, there is so few willingness on the part of leaders, from those who have the power to decide… Stupid to hold so much power for so few shares builders…But when the leaders agreed to hear the voice of the Earth by associations and foundations, some very nice actions can be performed such as the protection of Appalachia mountains, a land with its history and the right of a future … I found such commitments Beautiful, Noble and Unifying …!OpenDocument!/pages/ilovemountainsorg/8530147707?ref=ts this is only the beginning; much remains to be done…We cannot ask people who survive in conditions of unimaginable, unacceptable life… to think … to protect the Environment, they have not even afford to think about their own protection …So what to say except that what you write is worthy, noble and respectful of the true meaning to existence … Yes, that leaders should begin by reviewing the terms that define the "right to exist" and not "survival" : a population is a constructive population, respected population which in turn respect their surroundings, their environment, a population which then rely on to behave in green …Yes, it is a global politic based on reducing poverty and developing a sustainable and green economy to be built … But this would require joint action by all the leadership… Utopia or hope, the future will tell…I wish you to all a so Great and Wonderful WeekEnd, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…Best Regards…

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