Accueil > Environment > The Spring era to express a renaissance… and the world-wide event Earth Hour 2010, federal of an builder action for the better one of all, for the Good Health of our Earth

The Spring era to express a renaissance… and the world-wide event Earth Hour 2010, federal of an builder action for the better one of all, for the Good Health of our Earth


Equinox of March 20, 2010 sign two seasons, according to the geographic position where one is located, to knowledge:

The Spring in North Hemisphere and the Autumn in South Hemisphere.


You will notice that these are my two favorite seasons; an album is already dedicated to the fall’s colors. For the spring, an album with the spring’s colors is to become…


This geo-climatic condition is linked to the incline of rotation axis of the Earth from the sun, leading to share space time in four annual seasons, two solstices episodes (of June 21 and December 21 (or 22), separating Summer of Winter) and two equinoxes episodes (of March 20 and September 22 (or 23) separating Spring of Autumn).

To learn more:

… about Earth Hour …

These two last season’s that oppose themselves, as the two others, on several plans, the one of the climate, colors, behaviors… express all two, contrasted poetry; the hot colors of the Autumn inviting us to adopt colder temperatures and a graying sky, we pushing in our internal fort, doing us of thinkers in realization expectation, while, the bright colors of the Spring reflecting the luminous rays of a sun that waits to express itself, talks us about renaissance and construction…


This is therefore the opportunity for me, to share with you all, one of my belief, the one of an event to the planetary scale, of a simple gesture, of a simple decision, the one to offer 60 minutes… yes, a very small hour to our Earth Mother, while choosing to follow the Earth Hour movement, March 27, 2010, from 20:30 to 21:30 (local hour)…


clip_image001 All simply, while turning off your lights, all your lights during 60 minutes, during these sixty world-wide minutes for that our Earth planet could be heard …

This small world-wide annual gesture that started up in 2007, expresses the message of our 21st century, the one to want to mobilize itself, all together, against the climatic changes and their consequences to the scale of our planet…

Our common action, by a personal gesture (the one with its lights off), to a date sets up (of March 27, 2010 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.), universally express the will to act for the better one of our Earth, to avoid leaving to the future generations an hostile Earth to life.

Our growing mobilization each year, will force leaders, too refractory to effective action for the Environment (see the Summit of Copenhagen), to assume environmental programs and make decisions to fight against climatic disturbances, among other things, by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

It is true that the scale of a person, nothing can really happen, but by taking all instinctively Humanist, protective and supportive behaviors, beneficial to future generations, all those who replace us, and who also entitled to their share of happiness on Earth, we all become messengers of the humanity future, the actors of the future …


Then do not forget the date of March 27, 2010 and join as early as at present Earth Hour to participate in this action, while engaging you to turn off your lights at this event… And THANK YOU to all for your support.

During this event, you will be able to follow the LiveBlogging with intervention of climate professionals… Choose therefore, to be numerous to follow this event…

You can find Earth Hour also on:


By this first day of Spring 2010, I wish you to all, an excellent Saturday while sharing these wonderful colors of the renaissance and construction…


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  1. Aeolos
    20 mars 2010 à 17 h 38 min

    The March 21st, was the beginning of the year in Ancient Greece and Rome. They knew better… As about the Earth Hour, I’m not joining my dear friend. Because Mother Earth, needs respect for all the 8.760 hours of the year and not only for one… Thanks a lot Val. You really know how to make the difference. Kisses from Greece ! PS: The yellow flowers of the first photo, are called Narcisus. From the Greek myth of a beautiful boy who saw his face on the waters of a lake and as he aproached the water, he felt into it and he drowned. In that place, a beautiful flower growed and took his name …

  2. kimi
    20 mars 2010 à 18 h 11 min

    Thenks dear Val.Spring has returned.The Earth is like a child that knows poems(R.M.Rilke)Kisses from Kimi

  3. Valerie
    21 mars 2010 à 15 h 36 min

    Hey Kimi, Aeolos and to all,Thank you a lot Kimi and Aeolos for your wonderful commentaries!!!…Yes Kimi, Spring has returned… and… and… and… the Sun too… lol…This is a very beautiful quote "The Earth is like a child that knows poems”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes… I am completely agreed with you Aeolos, when you say so exactly, "Mother Earth, needs respect for all the 8.760 hours of the year and not only for one… " But, Considering the bad grace of some leaders to take decisions to become builders of our Earth Mother, nonprofit organizations mobilize themselves for that we be numerous to defend causes unknown (or neglected) by these leaders, concerned only of the business and extension of their mandate that constructs itself on lies or utopian projects …A big one THANK YOU Aeolos for the history of a Greek mythology on the name Narcisus flower … I love the Greek myths… The History of Greece is so powerful to transport us in dreams… Have a Great, Happy and Blessing Sunday everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…Kisses to all from France…

  4. Tracey
    21 mars 2010 à 22 h 53 min

    l love this video! Count me in!

  5. Valerie
    22 mars 2010 à 17 h 44 min

    Hey Tracey and to all,A huge THANK YOU Tracey to bring your support and you mobilize for Earth Hour 2010 …This is so important to mobilize for the best causes and to show at leaders, that we are a lot through the world to say: it’s time to act for change behaviors to save our Earth Mother…Have a Great, Wonderful and Happy Week everyone, Bye-Bye and see you…Best Regards to all!!!…

  6. Valerie
    27 mars 2010 à 14 h 48 min

    HAPPY EARTH HOUR to all !!!!!!!…I would want to share with you all a quote of Stephen ( ) that I find so well expressed, so powerful in message to transmit: "The preservation of Mother Earth is essential not only for the quality of life, but essential for life itself".While choosing to be a lot through the world to participate in this event, we choose to love our Mother Earth, because we allow her expressing herself, through our actions… Thank you to all for your engagement to Earth Hour 2010…I profit from it to propose you to vote for the better video on Earth Hour can rediscover Earth Hour on Flick:Earth Hour Global Earth Hour 2010 Hour 2010 Hour Live wish you to all a Great and Wonderful Weekend!!!…

  7. Natural ♥
    1 avril 2010 à 2 h 52 min

    Hi Valerie,Thanks for the post. I enjoyed the video very much.Hugs~

  8. Valerie
    1 avril 2010 à 22 h 23 min

    Hi Natural Person and to all,You’re welcome… Thank you to you Natural Person for your comment !!!… You know, I love to share my convictions, my passions, all the themes that I find very useful to share, to inform… especially, when it is about environment protection, about our Mother Earth…while waiting, that I write, the English version of the next post, already available in French… I wish you to all a very Good and Wonderful night… to dream to chocolate… oups… lol… Hey… hey… yes, since this is soon Easter…In the case, where I would not have the time to go back over the web, I wish you to all a so Great, Happy and Blessing Easter weekend!!!… And do not forget keep me chocolate… lol…

  9. T
    2 avril 2010 à 10 h 51 min

    Our beautiful earth. I spent a lot of time in nature last days. Was really fantastic. Flowers and trees will start blossom soon, it’s getting warmer. Bye-bye winter time. ;-)Have a Happy Easter Valerie!Hug,T

  10. Valerie
    2 avril 2010 à 20 h 06 min

    Hi T and to all,LOL !!!… Yes, yes, we can say: Bye-Bye WINTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it’s time for Spring’s life…As you say T, "our beautiful earth"… What’s more, our Earth has my favorite color… I love the blue and I would want that our Earth keeps her so beautiful color, seen from space… Finally, They are lucky the aliens: they can admire our Earth when they wish it… lol… … and as it’s time now to pass a so Blessing WeekEnd, the Easter’s WeekEnd… I wish you to all a so Great, Happy and Blessing Easter weekend!!!… and… and… do not forget keep me chocolate… LOL…

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