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Europe to help its member countries

Hi to all,


How leaders have saved banks from bankruptcy without taking control? In exchange for what informal counterparts they were so poorly negotiated?… How can these same banks speculate today against the Euro, speculating on its decline? Who benefits from the decline of the Euro? We have all the answers…

But then, rather than talk about global economic crisis, where all countries of the world are affected, why not use a more appropriate term, that of a Global Economical War? Who benefits from this economical war? … Who pulls the strings? … And for what purpose?…

In this context, it is so useful and necessary to strengthen existing links between each member of the European Union. "For" or "against" Europe, we must all accept it today, trying to build it economically and socially…

Personally, I could imagine "the future of Europe" on the model of the United States, where each member represents a state and each state is grouped into one indivisible entity geopolitically, financially, economically and socially. This would be a Europe of the power of the Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas, a Europe of "one for all and all for one"…

Europe could also well be likened to a human body, where each vital organ is represented by a member country. If a country runs into difficulty, is the health of Europe, which suffers.

This means that the decision, to save Greece from bankruptcy, is the most sensible and most reasoned decision that Europe could have taken so far…


clip_image002 Of course that Europe was built with many imperfections, and even with almost as imperfections;

clip_image002[1] Of course it would have required establishing common rules and / or compensatory rules for all member countries, so as not to prejudice a country relative to another, I think the people of each member country and not only to Business…

Precipitation always induces errors. And it seems that Europe has been built without a thought on the social and economic … Whatever politics, they adopt all the deaf’s speeches and behaviors of carelessness and ignorance towards their citizens…

For example, consider the WTO (World Trade Organization) that took advantage only to the detestable business of the relocations… But the countries to which these relocations turned them are not responsible of the economical and social disaster left behind them… They are the leaders of each country relocates, who, missing their national duties, are responsible for social and economic repercussions on their citizens …

Before deciding of an exchange to the international, it is necessary some to have constructed a model maquette

clip_image001 with the rules applicable to all,

clip_image001[1] with unifying principles taking into consideration the citizens of the world,

clip_image001[2] with dissuasive sanctions against corruptible leaders who carelessness the fate of their citizens …

Is there still hope for a utopian future with credible politics to never see our country become industrialized countries in decomposition caused by gangrene relocation?

In anticipation of a rational and best future for all, I would celebrate Valentine’s Day with my conception of love by the most powerful symbol after the water: the bread … imagining share the most beautiful love to world’s scale … Yes, the bread that I made yesterday for you all…


I want with this symbol to share my hope for a future world without hunger, the right to live happily for all, love for his neighbor and Peace in the WORLD … a broader conception of Universal Love…

Have a Great and Wonderful Valentine’s Day everyone…

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  1. J
    14 février 2010 à 18 h 56 min

    It is exactly the hope for a utopian future that brings men into the bondage of tyrants. Please be careful my dear European brothers and sisters as well as my beloved USA.Your valentine design looks absolutely delicious!j

  2. Arctic
    14 février 2010 à 22 h 58 min

    Valerie,You are a real ARTIST. what an amazing bread! besides the art, you have a very cute sense of politics, i am pretty much in agreement with you view for the future of Europe. finally wish you had a great and happy Valentine’s Day!hugwolf

  3. Stephen Craig
    15 février 2010 à 0 h 00 min

    Dear Valerie, Thank you for the visit and your most kind comments at the Painting Studio. Bread and wine are essential for life as is friendship. One for all and all for one. Once friends, always friends. As ever be well

  4. Dianne
    15 février 2010 à 4 h 51 min

    Thank Valerie for this wonderful gift you shared in my guestbook. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day and a great week ahead.Dianne 🙂

  5. Valerie
    17 février 2010 à 8 h 08 min

    Hi Dianne, Stephen, Arctic, Jay and to all,THANK YOU a lot for your Wonderful Comments!!!… I am very happy to share my convictions and my passions with you all … and you know, when I have time I love to go on your Guestbook to leave a little message…Have a Great, Wonderful and Blessing Days everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  6. Bunny3143
    26 février 2010 à 23 h 06 min

    so true j

  7. Valerie
    28 février 2010 à 14 h 02 min

    Hi Peggy and to all,Thank you Peggy for your comment, thank you to support this post!!!…Have a Great, Wonderful and Blessing Sunday everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  8. Aeolos
    28 février 2010 à 16 h 37 min

    Hello, my dearest Valerie… If I’m not too late to make a comment, I got only one thing to say : you’re undescribable !!! This is a post about Heart, not only love. You dedicated this day, to send such messages… What can I say ? If Europe is one league, people like you, make me feel that a neighbour or a friend, in not only the next country’s girl, but something much more… Yes, my friend. The decision to give a help to Greece, is not only an economical act, but also an act about culture, history and so on. Did you see the cover page of the german focus magazine (the Aphrodite’s statue…)? How could you describe it ? Could you imagine doing that to Notre Dame ? A world that doesn’t feel what honor means, has no sense, has no future. Thanks a lot Val. From the bottom of my heart. You are a FRIEND … PS: Great compositions ! And this heart, is awesome ! Kisses !!!

  9. Valerie
    28 février 2010 à 20 h 38 min

    Hey Dear Aeolos and to all,A huge one THANK YOU Aeolos for your commentary… This is an honors… And what’s more I love the compliments… oups… and I always lack modesty… LOL…Europe that I would wish would be at the image of the United States… And we are then, as you say it so well, neighbors and European friends, what’s more be Greek, French or… and of some Km to several hundreds or thousands of Km, according to our country… We would have all histories to relate, in our schools, at the time of cultural exchanges…, economical, historic, cultural, religious histories… without forgetting the legends, the one that leave us to imagine, to dream… And Greece is part of the richest ones in Histories… Then, SHAME to magazines that soil the History, with the intention to sell more … No Aeolos, I don’t know this magazine but I have just returned on the web to discover what is inconceivable, that should have been subjected to the censorship. I am horrified by what I come to see and to read on this cover page.… If there are some, that this detestable, vulgar humor, insulting and shameful, did to laugh, Angela Merkel should have reacted: she is responsible of the German publications… from the moment where a leader has the strength to censor truths that disturb, this same leader has equally the strength to do be quiet the vulgarity that spits on the History, that scorns the honors, dignity and the beauty of a country and especially when this country is part of Europe… But you know Aeolos, to allow itself such an humiliated broadcasting of the statute of Aphrodite, and in page cover, this German Focus Magazine must be by the bankruptcy and held by neo-Nazi’s… May the German Magazines don’t forget that they carry in the transparency of every page that they publish the ghost of Hitler, their SHAME, to the origin of World Wars, to the origin of scientific researches and of genocide that marked the dark History of the world, forever… Yes, the dark History of the World…I am shocked to see that such a magazine allowed itself such a page cover … Maybe this magazine would appreciate that another magazine posts in cover page while defining Focus Magazine as the swastika? … It would be interesting to imagine a Greek Magazine to publish a such photomontage while claiming excuse from German Focus Magazine so publicized ones and to the international scale?…It is time that the leaders of each country govern their country while doing to respect rules, while doing to respect national and international laws… Otherwise, that does not serve to anything to talk about politics and international exchanges…But you know Aeolos, I remain very positive, because Greece will have his revenge: Europe is obliged to save bankruptcy Greece, as Spain and Portugal, if she does not want to lose itself… Yes, because, on the geopolitical plan, the countries of European Union are obliged to unite themselves to put up the force of their borders, the logistics and the power of their armies (such the game: "the 3rd Reich") facing countries emerging (China and India, with an economical growth of about 10% each, and that counts to them two, the 2/3 worldwide population; Indian and Chinese population that, what’s more, stretches to emigrate on the whole surface of the earthly globe, such an army in silence).This growth of about 10% of the countries emerging will know the same economical and social decline that we know all currently… The economy always constructed itself by picks due to strategies on the current term… Then which will be the country strategies emerging, when their economy will suffer from an economical growth that had been constructed on relocations, and therefore of a fragile, unstable and destructive economy on the long term? And don’t let us forget that the power of a country defined itself by his population, his surface and his army… Here therefore why all the countries of European Union have interest to play in the big court, to know: the court of the "one for all and all for one"…While hoping to see a quicker growth of the altruistic and respectful behaviors, I wish you to all a Good Evening and a Great, Wonderful and Blessing Week to come!!!… Very Dear Friend Aeolos, you will do thousands kisses to the Greek people, from all of us (all the persons through the world and being part of my network) … The Greek people is a people that knows to respect his traditions, his culture, his religion and to defend his HISTORY…… Best Regards to all

  10. Aeolos
    28 février 2010 à 22 h 04 min

    Dear Val… I don’t have many things to say. You said it all. And also said, everything that every single Greek, has in mind. It’s an honor for me, to consider friends like you. But the best of all, it’s a great luck, to think that in our big European family, our companions in this common trip to the future, could think like you do. Many thanks from all of us. You really deserve to be considered as a "citizen of the world"… Thank you Val. From my heart. I won’t forget. Sleep quietly in the arms of Morpheus…

  11. Valerie
    1 mars 2010 à 22 h 19 min

    Hi Dear Aeolos and to all,You’re welcome Aeolos!!!… A huge one THANK YOU to you for your comment from your heart.By choosing us, to feed the web* to defend the most beautiful and noble causes,* to bring our vision of the World* to share the real power of human thoughts, through our space, our websites,we condition the web users to altruistic behavior …Then we are, all us, citizens of the world, in addition to being citizens of our country.Oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… Morpheus, the god of dreams … Hey Aeolos, thank you!!!… So I’ll necessarily make beautiful dreams … imagining for example …*** the perfection of our world, with the establishment of an economy based on a balanced world …*** the beauty of our world with respect and safeguard innate Environment …*** Return to respect traditions, to the real values of life …*Finally, the last part of my dream, absolutely selfish behavior: imagine me driving a Formula 1 … oups … And then I’ll wake up tomorrow surprised to see me finally that it was just a dream, but what a dream !!!… lol …I wish you, to all, a wonderful starry night, a night made for beautiful altruistic dreams and a little selfish dream … lol… Good Night Dear Friends and may that Morpheus, the dream god, be with all us…

  12. Aeolos
    1 mars 2010 à 22 h 33 min

    Τhanks a lot Val ! And I hope for sweet dreams for myself as well. Hmm… A selfIsh dream, eh ? Could I be the co-driver of Sebastian Loeb, in WRC ? … 😛 Peace and Respect my friends !

  13. Valerie
    1 mars 2010 à 23 h 06 min

    LOL !!!… Hey Aeolos…I confess this is an excellent choice …Well… well… well… I let you imagine a World Championship alongside the best rally driver … And remember that such a driver, the car takes off often … very often … ouch for the back … lol…Good night dear friend !!!…

  14. Aeolos
    2 mars 2010 à 11 h 16 min

    Ιt’s Οκ with me, Val. I’m a bit extreme guy…:) Watch your back ! 😛 Kisses !

  15. Valerie
    2 mars 2010 à 11 h 59 min

    Hey Aeolos… Would you Zeus?… LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… Have a Great and Smiling Day everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

    5 mars 2010 à 18 h 08 min


  17. ··¤ SETH
    11 mars 2010 à 2 h 49 min

    The euro’s credibility is threatened, and leaving Greece to fend for itself could unnerve markets further. Problems could then spread to other euro zone states such as Spain or Portugal no doubt. This is indeed very intense.

  18. Valerie
    12 mars 2010 à 19 h 59 min

    Ciao Stefi, Hi Seth and to all,@ StefiOui Stefi, J’adore les courses autos et motos… J’ai une préférence pour la Formule 1, mais les rallyes me font aussi craquer… Mon rêve serait de pouvoir participer à un Dakar (peut-être dans quelques années…), dans la catégorie Auto… oups… mais cela exigerait de lourds investissements financiers, en plus de la recherche de sponsors…Hey Stefi, je prévois de me rendre sur les livres d’Or pour le jour du Printemps… et… et… et… je me rendrai sur ton livre d’Or en premier… lol… alors à très bientôt !!!…@SethTHANK YOU a lot Seth for your support message for Greece and for Economy of Europe… Your commentary is so perfectly RIGHT… Thank you again to add it here!!!… Have a Great, Wonderful, Happy and Blessing WeekEnd everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

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