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A Geophysicists team to Haiti to evaluate others major and spread risks

clip_image004Hi to all,

My wink of the Weekend is for a research on the places of the Earthquake to Haiti organized by a specialized team in Sciences of the Earth, and, financed by the NSF.

Eric Calais, Geophysicist of the Purdue University, went in specialized team to Haiti,

clip_image001 on one hand, to analyze the causes of the earthquake of January 12 2010, to the heavy consequences in human losses,

clip_image001[1] on the other hand, to evaluate the probability of major risks that could produce themselves at the level of the Enriquillo fault, that spreads itself up to Dominican Republic… which wants to say, that the risk of an earthquake, of superior magnitude to 7 on the scale of Richter, must be taken in consideration, to avoid that another human drama, of this extent, can repeat itself to Haiti, but also in Dominican Republic.


This research in the field will allow:

clip_image002 to verify the state of the GPS boundaries, already present, for that they can remain functional (this earthquake was predictive, as the one of the fault of San Andreas, in California. But, if the Sciences of the Earth allow replying enough exactly to questions, they don’t allow bringing an exact approach in the event time, especially in the matter of the earthquakes… And the whole problem lives on the leaders, who don’t want to take the risk to warn of an event disaster, in the case, where it would not have place);

clip_image002[1] to set up others GPS at the level of the points criticize;

clip_image002[2] to analyze on a depth of 20 km, the earthly crust, at the level of the Enriquillo fault;

clip_image002[3] to establish a new card, taking into account the modifications generated by this earthquake and the possible evolution towards of other modifications. This new card will be of a usefulness capital in the reconstruction of Port-au-Prince, in the installation of the Haitian territory…

Such a research on the places of an event disaster allows student concretely a phenomenon, with the intention of to spread knowledge based on a reality and not only on a modeling and a simulation. The interest being on the long term, to arrive to foresee to an t instant and on a d distance, an earthquake, of magnitude x on the Richter scale, who will allow avoiding of such human losses… but also to protect from the geopolitical, economical, financial and social data.

I leave you to discover this fascinating and promising item for the humanity future:

ÉtoileScientists return to Haiti to assess possibility of another Major QuakeÉtoile

Have a Blessing Weekend everyone…

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  1. Tracey
    31 janvier 2010 à 0 h 53 min

    lt would be good if more information was found about predicting earthquakes.

  2. Valerie
    31 janvier 2010 à 11 h 03 min

    Hi Tracey and to all,THANK YOU a lot Tracey for your comment!!!… Yes Tracey, the research allows understanding several phenomena, from which the interest of certain foundations, that while bringing the necessary financing to certain research, contribute to increase our knowledge and to let evolve our Society towards more of security in the matter of mastery the natural disasters consequences; I think among others to Vortex 2 project, equally financed by the NSF a Blessing Sunday everyone, Bye-Bye and see you…

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