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Please Help Haitian People…


Please to all, I have a special request to ask you, to all, to all your networks… to each of us:

Haiti is already a very very poor country, but who live dramatic hours currently after the terrible earthquake"…

I would want that we have all a thought for the Haitian people, and that, all those that can bring their HELP, the fact, by the intermediary of Non Profit Organization, such a:


Étoile Red Cross

Étoile MSF

donations are more than ever necessary to reply to positions of URGENCIES, of
natural catastrophes, of miseries, of diseases through the WORLD… to reply to
NOBLE Causes…


For all those that again can give… to save lives…
Here just a reminder, to warn you that it is necessary to take care to give so

Done the donations, according to your choice and the
needs, to one or more of the principal organizations, such as the Red Cross,
MSF, Medecins du Monde, Unicef… through their official sites…

Here some counsels to do the useful donations to help
the Haitian people…,8599,1953454,00.html


… A huge
THANK YOU for your support to the Haitian people…  This is a race against the time…

   Étoile For thousands of again buried persons
in the rubble, and who wait desperately a stretched hand…

   Étoile For a people who in minutes has lost everything…

   Étoile To help this People to survive, the
reconstruction time… 

The Happiness belongs to
life… and each has the right to his happiness part, whatever the conditions
in which ones he lives…

the name of the HUMANITY, the useful donations allow peoples, and here, to the
Haitian people, to survive, the time of the reconstruction of their
Hope that this drama to the human scale of a people, serves to a durable
reconstruction, in a regularly ravaged country by natural catastrophes of all

THANK YOU to all to have taken on your time to read these some lines…

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    13 janvier 2010 à 20 h 52 min

    Yes,The Devastation Is Immeasurable,Buildings,Schools,Hospital Has Collapsed,Rescue Teams Are Getting People Out Of The Rubble,Is So Sad Seeing This Nation Of Haiti Suffer And The Estimated Deaths Run On The 100,000 Thousands And More…Thanks Valerie,For Your Blog

  2. Valerie
    13 janvier 2010 à 21 h 09 min

    THANK YOU a lot Thunder for your so important commentary, who perfectly relates the sad and so disastrous situation of the Haitian people… It’s so terrible… … …

    16 janvier 2010 à 11 h 26 min


  4. Valerie
    16 janvier 2010 à 15 h 51 min

    Hi Stefania and to all,… A huge THANK YOU a lot Stefania for your support to the Haitian people… This is a race against the time* For thousands of again buried persons in the rubble, and who wait desperately a stretched hand… * For a people who in minutes has lost everything… * To help this People to survive, the reconstruction time… =… Un enorme grazie Stefania per il vostro sostegno al popolo haitiano … Questa è una corsa contro il tempo* Per migliaia di persone ancora sepolte sotto le macerie, e che aspettano disperatamente una mano tesa …* Per un popolo che in pochi minuti ha perso tutto …* Per aiutare questa gente a sopravvivere, il tempo di ricostruzione …

  5. Ange
    17 janvier 2010 à 1 h 55 min

    Pauvre Haïtie, la terre, les gens, les enfants et aussi les animaux.

  6. Valerie
    17 janvier 2010 à 12 h 28 min

    Hi Ange Art and to all,THANK YOU a lot Ange Art for your commentary!!!…Yes, as you say it, this is an earth with all its inhabitants, that suffer from the ravaging left by the earthquake… It’s terrible and so sad…=Oui, comme tu le dis, c’est une terre avec tous ses habitants, qui souffrent du ravage laissé par le tremblement de terre… C’est terrible et tellement triste…Have a Blessing Sunday everyone!!!…

  7. Cynical
    17 janvier 2010 à 16 h 51 min

    I believe that natural disasters can bring out the best of people who want to help others. Unfortunately, it can bring out the worst in the profiteers who will try to make money from it in any way they can. It is therefore important to donate through a charity which you know and trust to get the aid to the victims with minimal operating costs held back. I gave, indirectly, through the Red Cross and am relatively certain that my small contribution will go to the people who need it most. This was a good post to urge people to do and give what they can. Thank you.Peace, Doc

  8. Valerie
    18 janvier 2010 à 19 h 39 min

    Hi Doc and to all,Oh!!! THANK YOU a lot Doc for your support to Haitian People… I love your quote “I believe that natural disasters can bring out the best of people who want to help others”…I would want so that these behavior changes towards more of altruism become durable and to the planet scale… Why to await a natural disasters to help his next one?… There are situations that sometimes surpass me, while I’m said that the solutions are so evident, but why therefore to be unaware of them?… and continue to live in the ignorance of the others?…As for the crooks, that take advantage of the misfortune of the others to fill their pockets, this would be so well themselves they could have a cerebral activity that thinks and not that pillages; a brain that do for them to understand that they are able them also, to find themselves, one day, bury under the rubble; a brain that it do for them to take conscience that the money that they harvest for pseudo-gifts this is lives in less saved…Yes Doc, while giving to one or several Non Profit Organizations, the sure Non Profit Organizations, since their official website, and each according to our financial means, we contribute all us to help a NOBLE Cause… A big one THANK YOU Doc and to all the others for your humanity contribution!!!…Have a Blessing Day everyone,Best Regards

  9. connie
    23 janvier 2010 à 23 h 22 min

    Thanks for your blog Valerie. For sure I should and I would help. My deepest sympathy for the all the people of Haiti who were caught in this monstrous disaster. I wish for unity to help for the survival of Haiti.peace &loveconnie

  10. Valerie
    30 janvier 2010 à 16 h 00 min

    Hi Connie and to all,THANK YOU a lot Connie for your commentary that expresss so many emotion and so humanity!!!… The Haitian people will need a lot of helps and of support for the months, for the years to come, the time of a durable reconstruction and for all, without forgetting the poor ones, that often are left to the abandonment, in a country, where the corruption was so important and almost official, what the HELPS reached with difficulty to the people…And as you say so exactly "peace & love to all"Have a Happy and Blessing WeekEnd everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

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