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We Love Mountains… We protect our Mother, the Earth … We thinking to the future generation…

clip_image003Hi to all

I propose you to discover the two links that RocketMan left on my first profile concerning the devastation of the forest and mountainous ecosystem to the business profit…

For the love of our mother, the Earth, protect it and think about the future generations… To all, I ask you to join the cause; it suffices you for that, to return you on the link below and to add your name.

Woody of iLoveMountains sent me a message wondering me to let it sort broadcast to mobilize the attention of each; THANK YOU to RocketMan for have made us known

Here therefore the message of Woody Harrelson:


Dear Earth Citizen

… Thank you for signing up at — and for becoming an important part of the movement to end to the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining. This terrible form of coal mining — in which entire mountains are literally blown up — is happening on a scale that is almost unimaginable, with more than 470 mountains already destroyed in America. But the truth is, most people don’t even know that mountaintop removal is happening.
That’s why I’d like to ask you to join me in helping to get the word out.

Please forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to join you in the effort to end mountaintop removal coal mining. They can join by clicking here:
You can track your personal impact on growing the movement on your own map here:
I’d also like to encourage you and your friends to take a moment to explore the rest of, if you haven’t already done so.

On the site, you can watch videos about mountaintop removal featuring the people of Appalachia. You can also explore "The National Memorial for the Mountains" — an interactive satellite map that shows each of the more than 470 mountains already destroyed by this mining practice — and visit "My Connections" — the new webtool that lets you see how your electricity usage is connected to mountaintop removal.


But most importantly of all, you can invite your friends and family and spread the word about this important effort:

Please join me in taking action today. Mountaintop removal mining is radically changing the landscape and culture of Appalachia. If we fail to act, these national treasures could be destroyed within our lifetimes.

Thank you for joining with me and helping spread the word about our efforts to save the mountains.

Woody Harrelson

PS: To stay up-to-date with the campaign, please add to your safe-sender list.

RocketMan proposes us to discover equally the site of EarthJustice, among others, a video, that cannot leave us insensitive…


Before replying to the commentaries that you left me in my profiles and my space, I would want to recall on this ticket a magnificent quotation of Sigrid, one of our very dear poets: «Friends are like a page in book of life. Every page with different subject. But you are my index page covering every subject of my life. FRIENDS FOREVER!» I cracked for this quotation that takes a human dimension loaded of emotions… I love it !!!…


Concerning my passion for the sports, thank you a lot to all for your commentaries and compliments, what’s more I love the compliments… oups… I think to lack modesty… lol !!!…

Climbing to UFRSTAPS, Curis and Virieu le Grand 

about me and my passion for sports

I’m fascinated for a lot of domains, among others the sport… This is the time that lacks me to be able to realize all what fascinates me… at last, the time and the means, because to the university, it was for me possible to practice several sports to least cost, what’s more climbing, in club…The last year, I practiced until 23 hours sports per week, between Climbing, Taekwondo, Karate Shotokan, French Boxing, Shooting to the Arch and Dance. Then, after my ribs moved themselves in Taekwondo, I had well tried to follow the sport with a band of contention, but I had to resign myself to reduce the practice of certain sports, the time that my ribs reestablish themselves… But between time, I discovered also Fencing, and in particular, the saber usage… and… I loved it too… Now that I’m no longer student, it isn’t for me possible to practice all these sports in club; for certain of them, I continue to train me at home…

The photo of judo was only a joke with a friend of karate course that practiced several martial arts and fight sports. I preserved this photo for the fun, because it isn’t possible to put to the ground a black belt… not from a white belt… Seriously, I loved to train with the ranks; one evolves very quickly with them… The three other photos of karate are positions that Joseph named according to the Japanese vocabulary; the first one wants to say "to begin" and the two others describe the position. It was the realization of a Kata. Hey Joseph! Fortunately that you are there to name the positions, because I don’t know well the vocabulary of the karate, in contrast to the one of Taekwondo… oups…

Concerning the French Boxing, the entrainments were necessary to be able to referee correctly, but it was rather funny, because it’s for me very difficult with supporter the doubles protects tooth, who gave me too many nauseous (during training) and that prevented me from breathe… then I leave you to imagine the trainings with the crazy guaranteed laughs… that lacks me a little… beyond the fight connotation, this is the on top form that one has… an osmosis between the body and the spirit…

With regards to the climbing: to the basis, I love the mountain, the music that the nature offers us, the hikes to the passing of oneself, the impression that one has to be master of his way… this is as an enchantment… Then when I discovered practices of climbing two years ago, I discovered with it, another vision of the mountain since its summit; a vision of a flimsy and inestimable beauty, that we must to preserve to offer to the future generations "this canvas of Big Master in 3 dimensions", that our Mother, the Earth, offers to all us…

Concerning the Shooting to the arch, the target center is yellow and my favorite color is the blue one. Then by principle, I don’t attain the yellow target only by accident… And as I am for the animal protection, I’m an excellent hunter only in the supermarkets… oups…

Then, for all those that are hyperactive as me, kind, "I am too bored if I have nothing to do and I love too the sport", I suggest you, another of my sports passions, who belongs to a maybe feasible dream in the future: the one to live one year in a Shoalin Temple, of there to practice Kung Fu until 6 hours per day, followed by the seances of meditations and of relaxations; this is a martial art that I practiced in the past and I guarantee you that you will return with an olympic form…


Concerning the commentary of Pascal on a photo of the Feyssine work-site in France, a work-site on which constructs itself a station of waste water treatment (one of my subjects during my participation to the competition Imagine Cup 2009), I would want to say, that beyond the Step construction, This is a corporation, the building workmen, that I wished to represent through the photomontage above.

I didn’t again finish downloading the entirety of the last album, but you will find below the link towards the file containing all the albums photos of the Work-site…

Impact of Wastewater-Treatment Station and their construction 

Thank you to the building workmen of GFC-Construction

clip_image001 to have accepted me on the work-site;

clip_image001[1] to have allowed me to use their picture;

clip_image001[2] and thus, to allow me to express what is anxious me heart: “the constructions are the work of the MAN”…


Concerning the commentaries on the files of the fall colors, thank you to all for your wonderful commentaries…

the fall colors

Fall colors 

I would want to signal that the fall and the spring are the most beautiful seasons, loaded in colors (except the gray sky tattles)… at last, these are my favorite seasons, and then I don’t leave you the choice …

Concerning a special commentary, the commentary of the insomniac ones, if there were sheep to count on my photos, that would help you to sleep more easily, isn’t that right Annie?… Not having the possibility to photograph a sheep barn, here a photomontage that should help you to count in repetition the sheep… oups… I think that I’m mocking myself insomniacs … lol…


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  1. Rich
    25 novembre 2009 à 22 h 54 min

    Val,Thanks for passing this along. Have a great evening and a wonderful Thursday.Rich

    25 novembre 2009 à 23 h 14 min

    Val, thanks for helping me spread the word. This destruction of the ecosystem is going on at this moment less than an hour away from our home. I guarantee that it isn’t being done near the homes of the coal company owners.

  3. Stephen Craig
    26 novembre 2009 à 0 h 03 min

    Dear Valerie, I have been a member of since learning of the effort and have blogged about it here, and have posted some links on my FaceBook page. Thank you for posting this andas ever be well

  4. annie
    26 novembre 2009 à 5 h 29 min

    merci pour les insomniaques comme moi ! lol! bonne journée ! bises à toi!

  5. Guyonne
    26 novembre 2009 à 16 h 15 min

    je parles un peu anglais mais la trop complique pour moi bisous a toi

  6. Valerie
    28 novembre 2009 à 17 h 50 min

    Hi Annie, Guyonne, Rich, Rocket Man, Stephen and to all,Hey!!!… Thank you a lot for your commentaries!!!…Thank you Rich, Rocket Man and Stephen !!!… You’re welcome… I’m so happy to represent here, on my blog…I hope that many people read my post, but also the one of Stephen, that I have just discovered… thank you to you Stephen, to have mobilized the attention on your blog … as Rocket Man was able to write on my profile useful links to protect our mother, the Earth…Hey Stephen!!! That’s so great to have been a member of http://www.iLoveMountains.orgIt's so important that each of us let think about the preservation of the Environment, to offer to the future generations this natural beauty weakened by the business without scruple…=J’espère qu’un maximum de personne a lu mon billet, mais aussi celui de Stephen, que je viens de découvrir…Merci à toi Stephen, pour avoir mobilisé l’attention sur ton blog … comme Rocket Man a pu écrire sur mon profil des liens utiles pour protéger notre mère, la Terre…Hey Stephen !!! C’est super que tu aies été un membre de http://www.iLoveMountains.orgIl est tellement important que chacun d’entre nous pensons à la préservation de l’Environnement, pour offrir aux futures générations cette beauté naturel fragilisée par le business sans scrupule…Tu sais Guyonne, Annie a ajouté le commentaire sur la version en anglais, mais il y a les deux versions, en français, puis en anglais.Annie, j’ai tellement voulu m’amuser à me moquer des insomniaques… oups… aie… comme je suis moqueuse, mais c’était trop tentant, après ton commentaire sur une de mes photos d’automne et sur certains de tes billets…Annie, que dire, sinon que tu as été une source d’inspiration pour ce photomontage, tellement sérieux… LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Have a Great, Wonderful and Sunny WeekEnd everyone, with the blue color to represent the sky and the water and the green to represent the earth…Bye-Bye to all and see you!!!…… and as Rich say, "Paselo"…

  7. sweeti's
    29 novembre 2009 à 9 h 15 min

    Hi Valits the first time im here on ur space..cos u reacted on my autumn pics.i think urs are kind a same…lovelyur a nature lover a respectfull onei can read that Every individual has to fight for the earth.. we canits already 5 past twelve I will check more here.but i need some time and let everything absorbeI wish u a wonderful sundayMJ

  8. Valerie
    30 novembre 2009 à 18 h 22 min

    Hey MJ and to all,Holala… THANK YOU a lot for your Wonderful and so kind Commentary… I’m so happy!!!…You know MJ, I think that every voice, every message in favor of our mother, the Earth, can contribute to let the behaviors change with the intention to preserve the Environment for the Future Generations… I wish you to all a Great, Wonderful and Blessing Week everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  9. 29 octobre 2010 à 7 h 26 min

    It took me a long time to search online, only your site explain the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

    – Kris

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