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The web and the censorship… Where is situated Expression Freedom ?

The web and the censorship… Where is situated Expression Freedom ?


The art to communicate is the one to reveal, to share and to exchange its opinions… I had foreseen to write a post on music impact on physical and mental health… But this post is again put back for reasons that oblige me today to write on Expression Freedom.

clip_image001 The means of communication to the international one seems to be the web.

clip_image001[1] Then, considering the limits without web borders, Where is situated the censorship?

clip_image001[2] And is it possible to use the term of Expression Freedom to define the web?

We will try hard to bring a somewhat personalized explanation, on account of the fact that a Dropper Win32:VB-NSA[Drp] introduced itself in my computer and that by coincidence it isn’t for me more possible to add commentaries, or to send private messages since my first profile on Windows Live… at the same time, I treated of a sensitive subject, the doubtful campaign of vaccination against the flu "to several identities", that seems well to disturb… lol…… lol…


As a rule, the web could define itself as the means of communication to the international one offering the freedom to express its opinions, to share them and of some to await others …

The web would be in a way, the means for every netsurfer to nourish his curiosity and to widen his spirit towards of other horizons. A too formatted and limited spirit by defined limits, don’t be able go out of his inertia outline… This are these same too formatted spirits, so looked for formerly in the professional environment, who today put a problematic disturbing one in a crisis worldwide economy (Cf. news).

For the non formatted persons, curious of nature, the web is only an additional means to spread the communication, the one of a facilitated communication to the international one and to least cost.

Is it possible to imagine the scientific contemporary research world without the web?

As for the globalization, what would be it without the web? Just like the stock exchange transaction? … For the latter, the web could have been the element trigger of its collapse… oups…

But, why to use therefore the conditional to define the web?

The reality seems well removed from the vision that many of us do themselves the web.


In practice, it seems that a special censorship is applied; the truth censorship that disturbs… (such as certain of my commentaries on the flu)…

It is completely conceivable that in the countries, where reigns the dictatorship (I think in particular about China), it be difficult, see impossible to communicate freely. This is what defines the dictatorship, but that disturbs me well less than the concealed censorship that exists in the countries as mine, France, where reigns the democracy and with it, Expression Freedom.

Our duty, in this case, as netsurfer is to write in moderated manner to allow the broadcasting of our commentaries, and thus shares of opinions and of knowledge that allow the peoples of these countries to be at the same level that all us other, but also, to render possible, on the long term, the sharing of their opinions …


Each country has its beauty, its cultures, its political ones, its history (sad and/or happy) but equally the right of access to the technologies… Each country has its party in the evolution world…

But for that this party be equitable, every people must have the same access to the technologies and I think, in particular, to the web…

"The truth censorship that disturbs" has not therefore any special border. It seems there to have censorship facing the inability to show the opposite…


Where is situated then the Expression FREEDOM?… Is it existing?

Yes, it exists a very special expression freedom, the one of growth broadcasting of vulgarity and of crooks in all kinds on the web…

Our abuse signalements in opposition to these polluting ones of the web remain been unaware of most of the time.

They can continue to pollute regularly our email without worrying about some reprisals that this be… to the point that it doesn’t serve to anything practically to continue to do the signalements, otherwise to waste our time time…

For the one of these signalements, I had judged the profile picture of this person sufficiently engraves, and being able to attain the children, to signal it, to interpol, then to the national police… Result: I had lost an entire afternoon for the final one to continue to receive another invitation to join this human loss that present on the web… to act with impunity…

Is it acceptable to define the Expression Freedom of it sort?…


A thing is certain, the Expression Freedom is not the one to express freely its opinions.

How to explain that I cannot more add commentaries or send private messages? … I don’t think that my commentaries on your Guestbook, your profile and your photos albums were able to disturb that this be?…

We could think that I attained the limits on Windows Live?… But the skydrive of my first profile disposes again a little more than 11 Go.

Then which explanation to give otherwise the one of the censorship, after a dropper Win32:VB-NSA[Drp] introduced itself in my computer?…

It’s again possible for me to add post, files and photos albums, but for as much, I cannot more define Windows Live as a means of communication on the web, but rather as a means to stock information…

I could choose to censorship to my turn Windows Live while deactivating my space, but while the fact, I censorship you other, all those that are part of my network, while each of your profiles nourishes my inspirations, my passions and my jokes.

While waiting to build the "favorite" file on my second profile, you will find, below, the link for those that would wish to join me equally on this second profile. Val Hadoux

I will continue to add on the two profiles different photos albums afterward, but I will be not more able to reply to your messages unless Microsoft reestablishes the functions lacking on my Windows Live spaces…



clip_image001[3] Thank you a lot Grandpa Dewey & Grandma Frances for your very kind commentary on my post, of as much as I had well fun me to write it…

Why do we write?… Have a Great WeekEnd everyone…

clip_image001[4] Thank you a lot Jilly for your commentary under my post

Why to refuse categorically the vaccine against the flu A / H1N1?

Whatever the decision that each of you will take as for to do yourselves vaccinates or not against the flu virus A H1N1, you have here sufficiently information to construct your choice and not the one of the leaders and incompetent scientists or without scruples… The future will relate the continuation…

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  1. Bison
    25 novembre 2009 à 5 h 30 min

    Hi,! Are you realy corrupted…lol…??? JOKE..! ;-D What have we done to deserve those kind of treatment..??They want to control everyone & everything…! Like you’ve just said..!  » What about our  » FREEDOM  » of expressions ..?? Go further and dont let them stop you to express yourself…! Ciao..! Le Bison.. 😉

  2. Diana
    25 novembre 2009 à 7 h 19 min

    What I find incredible is that they would try to shut you down while the spammers and porn stars (real & wanna-be) run free.

  3. Valerie
    28 novembre 2009 à 16 h 49 min

    Hi Diana, Denis say the Bison and to all,Thank you a lot for your commentaries!!!… Grrrrr… oups… LOL!!!…I know no longer which mood I must be, then I prefer to laugh of this disfonctionnement of Windows Live in order not to say censorship… What to say other, otherwise that I love this FREEDOM of Expression on Windows Live spaces… ? … ? … ? …We deserved maybe this treatment because of the sensitive subject about the truth that disturbs (the doubtful campaign of vaccination against the flu virus to several identities…)? Who does know? … Otherwise why does a such censorship? …Have a Great, Wonderful and FREEDOM WeekEnd everyone, whitout censorship… LOL, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

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