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Why do we write?… Have a Great WeekEnd everyone…

Hi to all Clin d'oeil

To reply to the very pertinent message that Seth wrote on my profile (and thank you Seth for to have written it):

Hey Seth… You have just caught our passion for Windows Live… lol… And it doesn’t exist any vaccine for some go out… lol… that clip_image003there is, you are, you also attained "the communicate sick"…

I refer to the course of Human and Social Science, in first year of medicine…

But I reassure you, this is a normal behavior in a Society that evolves to the international one… lol…

Why do we write? …

It’s true that we consecrate time to communicate in our spaces… But not more than of go out of with oneself or of there to return, to meet a neighbor… too curious… and to accept losing time to discuss with her, because she’s embittered and that she lacks communication… because no one comes to see her…

The difference is that we choose our network… We choose then the option to communicate with serious persons… to joke, to talk about serious things, of counsellor, to ask counsels, to share penalties, to share moments of happiness…

There are persons that can meet difficulties… and then, a little moral support can suffice to give them the force to confront the obstacles in their life…

In this case, we give a little our time to persons deserving…

We are on globalization time… and the communication to the international one allows discovering a manner to think, cultures and different speeches…

The communication to the international one is a communication of spirit opening… because which seems common in a country, can shock in another country… The communication is then a means to open to the world…

But which is important, on the other hand, is of not to consecrate all sound time on internet… because, yes, there is a private life… It’s important to consecrate a lot more time to its private life, to its close ones… to its activities…

The communication on our spaces must take a part of the time that we devote to our leisure… And everyone cannot consecrate the same time… Certain one have the only time of consult the spaces or maybe don’t dare to write messages… maybe by fear to write their opinions while thinking that they could shock?…

In this case, it’s very important that of other persons dare to write openly their opinions, because then our opinions can help them to assert their personality…

Of other persons choose to go in our spaces to offer us very beautiful pictures, poems, those that fascinate… And this is a generous action of sharing, because I love the art under all its forms: the art to write, the art to draw, to paint, to sculpture … while I’m not artist… I passed a lot of times to work and to do my studies in Commerce and in Science; I hadn’t therefore any time to devote to the art, which I regret… Then when persons share pretty poems, pretty pictures… in my space, I love…

Personally, I lack more in more time to construct my space as I would wish to do it…

I would want to be able, in a click, deposit on all your Guestbooks a message per week, in which I would to share with you all one of my thoughts or of my mood… But this is an option that doesn’t exist… which obliges me to be not able to write on your Guestbooks every week…

I would want to be able to write on my blog every week, because I read a lot of very interesting information, especially in Science, but I haven’t the time to do them to discover to you all…

Then to complete what Seth wrote, on my profile, I think that our network is a potential network of friends with that we want to communicate or to inform itself… the most simply…

In these conditions, be all happy one to be suffering from the "sick to communicate"

I wish you to all an Excellent and Wonderful WeekEnd…

clip_image001 A WeekEnd not too cold, because I don’t like the cold one Embarrassé

clip_image001[1] A WeekEnd without rain, because I don’t like rain Confus

clip_image001[2] And… A sweetened WeekEnd because I love the desserts Rire

Talking about dessert, Peter offers to each of us a dessert… Ouch to the purse…


And you have the choice to keep your dessert for Sunday in front (on the TV, of course) of the Grand Prix of Formula I of Brazil, on the circuit of Interlagos, to San Paulo…

Oups… one will forget that I studied Microbiology and that one doesn’t keep therefore a dessert so a long time Clin d'oeil… lol…


For all the fascinated Formula 1 you can follow the essays of qualification and the Grand Prix on the fan site of Kimi Räikkönen… Thank you to Evenstar Saima, Kimi Räikkönen Space – Fansite – The latest news, photos, videos  to hold this space for the happiness of all us…

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  1. Sherrilynn
    21 octobre 2009 à 14 h 04 min

    you have a great space and interesting too, Alot better than mine,aleast you have something to say. I can’t ever think of anything to say. lol take care,be well.

  2. Valerie
    21 octobre 2009 à 17 h 39 min

    Hi Sherri and to all,Thank you a lot Sherri for your commentary… lol… what’s more, I love the compliments… Hey Hey… lol… You know, each exploits his space according to his free time… And then our spaces evolve with the time… some months ago behind, I had only very few albums photos in my Windows Live spaces… therefore not big thing… And the networks that I joined had enormously information to share…And then, you know Sherri, we have all ideas and passions to share… yes, yes… you too… lol…We have just need time and methods to construct a friendly Windows Live spaces… I inspired myself a lot of the others spaces and I have wanted to share my space in comparison with my convictions and my passions…Very fairly, my space doesn’t satisfy me again; I find it too loaded, but at the same time I want to keep all the links, what I find interesting or useful to everyone… I would want even to be able to add more of links… but of the links in pictures form and not of texts… But I don’t know again to do this … oups…In a word, I have again to bring improvements to my Windows Live spaces… lol… lol… lol…Have a Great and Wonderful Evening, everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  3. Sue
    21 octobre 2009 à 23 h 44 min

    I hope you have good weekend tooTake careSue

    22 octobre 2009 à 2 h 15 min

    Merci pour le lien, Val. Même si je vis dans le coeur de NASCAR pays que j’ai toujours préféré les Grand Prix, car je crois que les demandes sur le conducteur et la machine sont beaucoup plus élevés en GP que dans NASCAR.

  5. Pat
    22 octobre 2009 à 6 h 21 min

    I was here and I read the whole post and the comments :-)I agree with most of what you say. It would be great to have more time for lots of things, including live spaces.And I also like the desserts – cheesecake is my favourite – New York style.Hope you had a good weekend – we are almost at another one.A friendly cyber-hug for you.

  6. Bison
    22 octobre 2009 à 15 h 11 min

     » BONNE FIN DE SEMAINE  » Avec tout ce qui se dit partout sur le net, y as pas de misère à décrocher, le bison…! 😉 C pas plus beau que ça, C COMME LA TEMPÉRATURE…LOL..!Je suis un artiste, me doit de brasser mes couleurs si je veut mettre du piquant dans ce monde bien terne…lol..! Je me met aux travail & je me laisserai bercer par les émotions…! J’vais tacher aussi d’y mettre un peu de SOLEIL comme premier plan…!+ de lumières..! + d’humour..! = + d’amour..!Ciao tutti…!Le bison.. 😉

  7. Valerie
    22 octobre 2009 à 15 h 59 min

    Ho… lol… Hi Sue Mac, Rocket Man, Pat, Denis and to all,Merci beaucoup!!!… Thank you a lot for your commentaries, to read my post!!!… I passed an excellent WeekEnd, and soon the next WeekEnd… Ya Hoooooooooooooooo… lol…I love speed and therefore all the car, moto and truck races… Every type of car races has his charm… But, it’s true that the Formula 1 is of harder one, where, as you say Rocket Man, the pilot and his race car are solicited to the extreme one… and this is what I love the more!!!… This is completely crazy!!!… This is the good adrenaline to the extreme!!!… I’m completely crazy of the car races, but not radars on the road (you know, those that flash without nothing to know of the Photography Art… oups…) lol… lol… lol…To the fact, Evenstar Saima posted other photos of the Brazil Grand Prix… the desserts… lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… You know Pat, I divided the desserts, because I knew that there were all the choices of desserts… lol… I guessed that you liked the cheesecakes!!!… lol…But you know Pat, there is nonetheless 2 types of desserts that I keep for me… just for me… only for me… lol… These are… These are… Denis, says the Buffalo, you forgot more sugar… lol… Could you realize a dessert buffet in Art for Saturday? … lol… But you will think about the Cheesecake for Pat, and for my favorite desserts, you will think about to hide them?… lol…On the subject of the tattletale forecast (in France), one can say that it does a time to not to be able go out a toe outside… oups… lol…If I find a little time, I would write something on my blog for Saturday evening, question to wish to you all an excellent WeekEnd to come…And if I don’t find the time, then you know all, that this is of all my heart that I would have thoughts for you all, for all my network, the thinks to share what there is well in LIFE!!!… The better one for each!!!…I wish you to all a Great and Wonderful Evening, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…=J’adore la vitesse et donc toutes les courses automobiles… Chaque type de courses automobiles a son charme…Mais, c’est vrai que la Formule 1 est ce qu’il y a de plus dur, où, comme tu dis Rocket Man, le pilote et sa monoplace sont sollicités à l’extrême… et c’est ce que j’adore le plus!!!… C’est complètement fou!!!… C’est la bonne adrénaline à l’extrême!!!… Je suis complètement folle des courses automobiles, mais pas des radars sur la route (vous savez, ceux qui flashent sans rien connaître de l’art de la photographie…) lol… lol… lol…Au fait, Evenstar Saima a posté d’autres photos du Grand Prix du Brésil… les desserts… lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… Tu sais Pat, j’ai partagé les desserts, parce que je savais qu’il y avait tous les choix de desserts… lol… J’ai deviné que tu aimais les cheesecakes!!!… lol…Mais tu sais Pat, il y a quand même 2 types de desserts que je garde pour moi…Ce sont… ce sont… Denis, dis le Bison, tu as oublié + de sucré… lol… Pourrais-tu réaliser un buffet de desserts en Art pour Samedi?… lol… Mais tu penseras aux gâteaux aux fromages pour Pat, et pour mes desserts préférés, tu penseras à les cacher?… lol…Au sujet de la cafardeuse météo (en France), on peut dire qu’il fait un temps à ne pas pouvoir sortir un orteil dehors… oups… lol…Si je trouve un peu de temps, j’écrirais quelque chose sur mon blog pour Samedi soir, question de vous souhaiter à tous un excellent WeekEnd à venir…Et si je ne trouve pas le temps, alors vous savez tous, que c’est de tous cœur que j’aurais des pensées pour vous tous, pour tout mon réseau, des penser de partager ce qu’il y a de bon dans la vie!!!… Le meilleur pour chacun!!!…Je vous souhaite à tous une Excellente et Merveilleuse Soirée et à Bientôt!!!…

  8. T
    25 octobre 2009 à 9 h 54 min

    You are right, we write for different reasons. It really doesn’t matter why because we are sharing many interesting thoughts, advices and so on … So, we are here to grow. 🙂

  9. Valerie
    25 octobre 2009 à 20 h 41 min

    Hey T girl and to all,Thank you T girl to read this post… Thank you for your commentary!!!… As you say… "we are here to grow"… lol… And I would want to add that we are all here to obtain knowledge, to divide desserts… lol… to share our mouth blows, our winks, our jokes and a lot of photos, because I’m fascinated for the photography… lol…Have a Great Sunday Evening, a Great and Wonderful Week to come everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  10. Grandpa Dewey
    25 octobre 2009 à 23 h 17 min

    Windows live is a great for an old man like me. I enjoy the readings, the photos it is my way of a vacation I can travel the world right here in my easy chair. There is great knowledge on this site.So why do we write, "Have a great week end?"

  11. Valerie
    26 octobre 2009 à 19 h 58 min

    Hi Grandpa Dewey & Grandma Frances and Hi to all,!!!… lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… Just too funny "you (and I think we) can travel the world right here in our easy chair"… lol…Thank you a lot to have read this post and for your commentary!!!… I love Windows Live spaces for this means of International communication… This is the communication without border and without subject limit… this is to share and not to divide… lol, to counsel and to joke… And finally it’s as you write it : "So why do we write, "Have a great week?"… lol…lol…lol…Have a Great and Wonderful Evening everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  12. T
    1 novembre 2009 à 9 h 07 min

    Hey Valerie, just wanted to say HEY and wish you a great week ahead. 🙂

  13. Valerie
    1 novembre 2009 à 15 h 35 min

    Hey T girl and to all,Thank you a lot T girl!!!… You know, I wanted to write a post for this weekend, but I lacked time… I had found very interesting items on the music impact for our physical and mental health… I would write it maybe in the week… While waiting, I wish you to all an excellent and calm Sunday, a great and wonderful week to come and to soon!!!… And I wanted to say you to all that I find the circuit of Abu Dhabi magnificent… It was an own Grand Prix, without irresponsible behaviors… I loved this Grand Prix, even if one of my better favorite pilots wasn’t on the podium… It was a very beautiful race… and on the most beautiful circuits of formula 1… And to all, just for the eyes pleasure, I propose you to admire the album photo on the Fan site of Kimi Räikkönen thanks Evenstar Saima… It’s just magnificent, great, and excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… and to learn more about Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009

  14. Diana
    2 novembre 2009 à 5 h 34 min

    I write because I have so many thoughts in my head that it hurts.

  15. Valerie
    2 novembre 2009 à 15 h 37 min

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… Then you must a lot suffer from your head!!!… You believe me Diana, I have so penalty for you… Have a Great and Wonderful Day everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  16. Happy
    12 novembre 2009 à 22 h 30 min

    Really well stated description of this human need to communicate and social media shows how easily reciprocity builds with repeat visits and repeat visitors. There’s also the fun element and the good surprises of Guest Book visits (Thanks for your beautiful Guest Book items) and the comments from people that always seem to add apt thought or feeling. Take care Valerie

  17. Valerie
    13 novembre 2009 à 20 h 14 min

    Hi Happy Flower and to all,Thank you a lot for your wonderful and so true commentary!!!… and what’s more, I love the compliments… with so much modesties… oups… LOL!!!… Have a Great, Wonderful and Sunny WeekEnd everyone while imagining the subject of the next post that I’ll write… To help you a little… I would talk about research works on the music; its impact… But for that, it will be necessary to wait again a week… lol…Then, if I find a little time, I would think about your Guestbook to all, Monday evening maybe… Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  18. connie
    18 novembre 2009 à 1 h 01 min

    Valerie, this is a great site, very interesting. I enjoyed reading reading some of your blogs I’m not through reading all yet.. Writing is the most wonderful we could do to express our knowledge, our feelings, our anger,our love, our happiness, joy, bitterness, grieve etc. Writing is the shock absorber of our emotions. Take care Val.

  19. Valerie
    18 novembre 2009 à 1 h 01 min

    Hey Connie and to all,Thank you a lot Connie for this wonderful commentary, that translates exactly feels it to give to this post… Thank you too for to have taken the time to read my post!!!… Yes, as you say so wonderful and so strongly: "writing is the shock absorber of our emotions"… And this is the reason I love Windows Live spaces for this means of communication to the international one, that Microsoft offers to all us…… and on these so beautiful word, it’s time for me to be going to sleep…Have a Great and Wonderful Good Night everyone with so beautiful dream to imagine writting a Better WORLD… … and as Rich says with so wisdom… "Paselo"

  20. Grandpa Dewey
    18 novembre 2009 à 3 h 44 min

    Val,The question hasn’t been answered yet. Why do we write, "have a good weekend" Is it just being nice and polite or is there another meaning to it?Come and set a spell with me out on the old porch lets talk about it.

  21. Valerie
    28 novembre 2009 à 15 h 10 min

    Hey Grandpa Dewey & Grandma Frances and to all,Thank you a lot for your kind commentary. You have to raise a question that can find so responses… But then, why do let we write? … * to share our winks, * to our mouth blows… oups… * and all which can be useful to all us, like wishes you to all an Excellent, a Wonderful and a Sunnier WEEKEND!!!…Happy WeekEnd everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

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