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Discussion sur Security on Internet – Take care to the crooks and to the poorly intentioned persons on the Web


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Security on Internet – Take care to the crooks and to the poorly intentioned persons on the Web

Hi to all Clin d'oeil


I hope that you all passed excellent vacation… Île déserte… an excellent work while others chose to have a good time… Rire… I’m not sure, but I think that I am mocking myself of you, the courageous workers Pensif… Holala, this isn’t kind on my part… Clin d'oeil


I would want to finish this month of August while proposing you to mock at crooks of the web and while reminding of you the very useful links to protect our computers of the crooks…

I suppose that most of you know more knowledges in computer security matters… But these links can serve to persons, as me, that didn’t do studies in computers…


Begin first by we’re mocking at stupid crooks of web, those that believe all us naïve ones, to propose us potential offers of the most absurd ones… … … And well, here what I could propose for them… Rire :


" To all the crooks of the web, I have an exceptional and sole offer, the one to let you in the "Directory of the Reformed Crooks"

But for that, there are some expenses… yes, this isn’t free, but almost, if we consider that this is a very big HONOR to enter into the Directory of the Reformed Crooks… believe me… This Directory is potential and sole to the World… Then imagine it in front of your eyes, with your different identities, your real name, your addresses, your numbers of bank account in the fiscal paradises … and all that writes in big letters… which HONOR… Rire

But for that, it’s necessary for you to fill a questionnaire first: 

Real name…………………………………………………….

Names of crooks………………………………………………

All your addresses……………………………………………

All your bank accounts……………………………………….

Your number of blue card and password…………………….. and expire date……………..

If you choose to appear in the first letters of alphabet, in the letter list "A" rather than "Z", and I recommend it for you sharply, it will be necessary to reimburse all the victims that you swindled while multiplying by two this sum… Yes, it’s necessary to deserve his place among the Biggest Crooks of the 21st century…

But that will not suffice to appear at the beginning of lists…

It’s necessary equally to ask your fiscal administration a receipt for "accepts paying the unpaid taxes since your birth with exceptionally overestimated bank charges" … Rire


I recommend you to do fastest possible all this steps and to send me all these information to the following address: "


Well go, I think that we are sufficiently mocked of these stupid crooks… Pass to useful news…

For all those that receive spam, spim, attempts of phishing and other undesirable messages, here a small reminder of the news and useful sites… to protect our computers of the polluting ones of internet…


AmpouleUseful information concerning the different types of polluting ones of the web: Spam, spim, phishing


AmpouleTake care to this SPAM


AmpouleTake care to this attempt of phishing


Here at last the file that I created to put on file these crooks, Who pollute almost everyday our package service…

AmpoulePathetic CROOKS without scrupules – Never reply to this stupide email Pathetic CROOKS without scrupules – Never reply to this stupide emailFâché


If you need assistance, information… you can return on the official site of Microsoft Security. 



AmpouleMicrosoft – Helps and Support


AmpouleSecurity at home


The below site, Security Internet (in French version) Ampoule is well complete in information and counsels on the security… You will find equally links towards free software of securities… Ampoule

AmpouleThe security risks on Internet for your computer

AmpouleFree software of Security and freeware of surer communication


At last I would want to recall that it exists a regulation to use the Windows Live spaces, what certain malicious persons try to pollute…

If it arrive to you to receive an invitation to join a doubtful network, and that doesn’t reply to the code of guiding, it’s very important to signal these persons through this link: for that the teams of Windows Live, that have in charge of protecting our Windows Live spaces, can act to close the account of these malicious persons… Here therefore the message that you will have while clicking on the link of signalization of an abuse: 

" To allow us to help you better, furnish as much as possible details on your problem.

  • Service:  Abuse case on Windows Live Spaces
  • problem Type:
  • Help us to maintain a healthy and positive environment while signalling all case of abuse … If you think that a space infringes the guiding Code (, signal it us while filling this form… "


If we consider that a minor of 13 years minimum can create his Windows Live spaces, we have ourselves all to adopt a solidarity behavior of citizen on the web…

Therefore, each of us can therefore to signal an abuse on a Windows Live spaces, through this link: 


At last, here an excellent publish posted by X-Evolutionist on the respect of the Code of Driving, on the counsels and warned, as for the usage of our Windows Live spaces…

Ampoule  To report an inconsistency within the Windows Live Code of Conduct

Windows Live spaces: Étoile

I thank you to have taken the time to read this writing Sourire… I think personally that the citizen’s behaviors, the solidarity behaviors… can resolve several problems to all the scale and especially on internet…

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  1. Cynical
    13 septembre 2009 à 4 h 15 min

    Thank you for posting this, Val. We can no longer safely wander the Internet without our armor on. There are two small security add-ons for either Firefox or Internet Explorer. Web of Trust provides a website rating, according to safety, before one goes there. McAfee’s Site Advisor resides in the browser’s taskbar and warns by displaying various colors in warning before one actually goes to the website. Neither is infallible as they rely on ratings from users and do not recognize every evil site. If either shows red or yellow, however, one should pay attention as those sites have been proven bad. I believe both will work with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, but only with the 32-bit browsers (not 64-bit). There are many more add-ons like this available, but I have used these and find them to be reliable. Both are free and neither seems to conflict with anything else I run on XP or Vista. Any advantage we can gain to protect ourselves from the bad guys is useful.Peace, Doc

  2. Valerie
    13 septembre 2009 à 9 h 25 min

    Hey Cynical and to all !THANK YOU a lot for these very USEFUL linfs to protect our INTERNET: When I would finish to improve the presentation of my Windows Live spaces, I would start again the blog on the security on Internet… While awaiting, I’ll add them in my favorites links… Have a Great and Wonderful Sonday everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  3. Mike
    17 septembre 2009 à 1 h 59 min

    Hi Valerie! Any crook email you at your reformed crook email address? It also important to install the latest security updates for Windows, Office at and a good antivirus program like Avast, AVG, Trend Micro.

  4. Valerie
    19 septembre 2009 à 10 h 40 min

    Hi Mike and to allI wanted that we made fun of a little, a lot, enormously of these pathetic crooks of the web… lol… lol.. lol !!!… Those that consider us as naïve… You know, I’m so sick of the polluting ones of the net one, what I wanted to caricature them for that they understand the stupidity of their writes… They are really too stupid these crooks, to confuse the goodness with the stupidity…Thank you a lot Mike for the link and the news on the securities on internet… Yes I use also Avast and of other software of securities: SuperAntispyware, spybot, CCleaner and Tweaknow RegCleaner… I USED equally Bitdefender Pro, but the new version block even the good sites… what a pity, because Bitdefender Pro is really the better one… But with the new version, I had no longer access to my Windows Live spaces… oups… lol… I want my spaces… Because I love the Windows Live spaces!!!…While awaiting my next mockery on the pathetic crooks of the net one, I whish you a Great and Wonderful WeekEnd everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…Here therefore now the three other very useful links for the protection on internet… Thank you again to Cynical Psychologist and to Mike !!!…

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