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Sweetened and Scientific Weekend

 Hi to allClin d'oeil


My wink of the Weekend concerns some
works research financed by the
ÉtoileNational Science Foundation (NSF)Étoile, that
attracted my attention and that I wish to divide with you all…


If as me, you fascinated by Reptiles,
you will love the video that follows… and take care, one of the researchers will
even do himself to bite by one of the snakes… ouch …

For those that have the reptile
phobia, in particular snakes… I reassure you, the snakes are fearful animals
and don’t like the Man… Then, if you are in a concentrated zone in reptiles of
all sorts, done the noise while walking, and you will see them to leave while
running… oups… while slipping, while rippling, while crawling…

You will find therefore, below, this
video on the snake movement, on the interest to study them, followed by the
item explaining experience progression with the intention of to conceive a
robot able to move itself as the snakes. 

Ampoule  Secrets of Slithering Snakes

Imagine the interest on the human plan of a Robot snake on the places of
a catastrophe able to be going to look for survivors in the rubble, where the
man there couldn’t attain without risk; this same robot that could come to give
help to a jammed victim in the ruins, bringing some to him oxygen, water, a
cover… the time for the first-aid workers to clear without taking risk, for
example, after an earthquake…

Imagine a Robot snake mechanic, able to move himself in toxic or
radioactive mains for the man…

Imagine a micro Robot snake surgeon, able to move himself inside a
vessel, of an organ…

Imagine a Robot snake of the building, able to move himself all while
transporting equipment, through mains… where inside foundation without damaging

Imagine a Robot snake mechanic of the space, able to move himself in
spaces, mains… very reduce, with extreme conditions of temperature and without
oxygen, where the Astronaut couldn’t risk himself…

And while leaving our imagination wander towards the Planet March,
imagine combining all these robots in the spaceship that will take humanoid
futures on the Planet March… Robots snakes and other that it will be possible to
control since the Earth…

Then, beyond the playful interest of
this type of research, the animal study, through their behaviors, their
movements… allow us to improve considerably our life conditions…


Let us pass now to the
preoccupations of our environment. The below item denounces importance growing
and frightful of the plastic garbage in our oceans and their impacts on the wildlife
and the water flora…

The report is alarming, because beyond
of the visual unpleasantness produces to the view of these wastes, that it’s
possible to find equally in the depths, this is the entire maritime ecosystem
that is in danger on the long term…

The importance of this research is
to bring us an inventory of maritime fixtures in suffering to attract our
attention, for us to remind with respect to our Environment…

It’s not too late; we can again act
while adopting more respectful behaviors of our Environment… This is at each of
us to adopt a mediator behavior for the good health of the entire Ecosystem; you
know, very often, the persons pollute just by ignorance…

Then act all together to offer a
better health to our Planet…

Ampoule  Scientists Find "Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch"

Continue to mobilize us against the
pollution of our Environment… The National
Center for the Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
and the University of the
Minessota work on the formation and the impact pollution to the nanoparticuls
in one of the more populated and the most polluted cities of the World, Mexico…

Mexico, this is 18 millions of
inhabitants and about 3.4 millions of cars… His geographic location, situated
on the plateau of the Anahuac that peaks to 2250 meters of altitude
in fact a model of productive study…

This research warns against a pollution
growing to the nanoparticuls, size of a virus… and to the consequences on the
health of all Mexican population: the Humans, The Wildlife and the Flora.  That leaves pensive as for the behaviors to
adopt to construct our future… to meditate on to become it future generations…

Ampoule  Small but Mighty: Virus-sized Pollutants Affect Mexico City Human Health and Climate


The Environment is a very delicate
subject to the worldwide scale, where several parameters must be considered
before bringing solutions… The National
Science Foundation
already had composed a very complete report on the
climatic changes, taking into account these different parameters. 

 Pellicule  Video of NSF
Ampoule  New Report Sets Forth Principles of Earth Science Literacy


The following item is very
interesting in the analysis of the climatic changes, by the study of the imprisoned
bubbles airs in the glaciers of the Antarctic… These air bubbles, in fact, can
relate the atmospheric history of a period… according to the depth of the core
sampling, certain air bubbles were dated to about 50 thousand years ago… This
research team isolates then analyzes the content of every air bubble representing
a dating period… Thus a bend of the atmospheric content in CO2 and
other greenhouse gas can be built…

The interest of this combined
analysis to the History allows understanding the climatic changes and modelling
the future, according to the different parameters, what we can modify in
positive or in negative…

Then, of course, you will say me
that modelling is not an exact Science… But the modelling draw near to it,
believe me and without taking risk, since the modelling allows us to imagine
the theoretically consequences of our future acts… I leave you to discover the

Ampoule  Ice Core Secrets Could Reveal Answers to Global Warming


the latter item of the Weekend, I think that we have all a few cold… And well,
Peter found a very effective solution to let us a warm Weekend pass…
He invites all us on very hot Earths…

Appareil photo  Hooo… It’s too hot… Headlong flight… by Peter Harding


yes, there is not Weekend without jokes… then finish it on a sweetened note…

Appareil photo  Sweetened WeekEnd by Peter Harding


Have a Great WeekEnd to all, Bye-Bye
and see you Soleil Sourire Soleil

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  1. john
    5 septembre 2009 à 20 h 22 min

    All arganisms on this planet pollute in some form or other. What is amazing how one’s pollution is anothers food source. To many people ignore things like this when they have an agenda. Such as ice cores proving global warming. If one will read the full study they will see that warming is not an unnatural phenonma. By the ice samples it shows cycles of cooling and warning over the milenia.To have a sound theroy one must present all the data and accept the negative as well as the postive.

  2. Cynical
    6 septembre 2009 à 8 h 05 min

    Thank you for putting this post together. I have bookmarked the NSF site as a result.Peace, Doc

  3. Valerie
    6 septembre 2009 à 14 h 27 min

    Hi John, Doc and to all, Thank you John and Doc for your commentaries… @ Doc (Cynical) Hey Doc!!!… It’s great that you bookmarked the NSF site…@ John,You are absolutely right when you say that all the organisms pollute of a manner or of another (wouldn’t be what by their excrements)… This pollution is natural and it enters into the natural cycle of the Ecosystem… But unacceptable pollution are provoked pollution intentionally or accidentally and in a repetitive manner, for lack of financing to reinforce by ducts, to change filters more uniformly, to save time…Here a stupid example of pollution in a natural reserve in France, provoked by the Man and that very widely could have been avoided, because the company SPSE knew necessarily the state of its gas pipelines As for pollution growing in our oceans, which could be avoided just by more responsible behaviors, here a damage example that provoke these garbage on the maritime ecosystem… Here a typical other of pollution, to the wider sense, the one of the polluted behaviors by stupid traditions, brutish and without any interest… otherwise the affirmation of an oneself imaginary idiot… it’s examples of unacceptable pollution… After each is free to think what he wants… For all us, these pictures are horrible, for other persons, these pictures define the normal course of the life to the 21st Century, corresponding thus to the price to pay modernization…The interest of the NSF item, is to establish a report on the ocean state, of sort to bring figures, concrete pictures of the pollution consequences and risks on the long term… and thus to mobilize the attention of each of us, without shocking the sensitivities… Of course that, this research doesn’t stop itself to this text, open to the public, to all us… This research allows next to defend relative important themes, in this case, to the protection of the Maritime Environment… The items of the NSF open to the public gives a summary of the works of research that the National Science Foundation finances…Yes, I would very much like to attain the complete items, to the research reports, of sort to leave the employed techniques and the results more pertinent… But, all research has itself to adopt a discreet behavior…Then it does to be informed by items, of course restricted, but innovative, this already is to imply the populations in the scientific advances… Among the items that I receive I try to select those, of which I have a blow of heart and those that we can bring knowledge or all simply to let our imagination work…= (French version)Vous avez absolument raison quand vous dites que tous les organismes polluent d’une manière ou d’une autre (ne serait-ce que par leurs excréments)… Cette pollution est naturelle et elle entre dans le cycle naturel de l’Ecosystème… Mais les pollutions inacceptables sont les pollutions provoquées intentionnellement ou accidentellement et de façons répétitives, faute de financement pour renforcer des conduits, pour changer des filtres plus régulièrement, pour gagner du temps… Voici un exemple stupide d’une pollution dans une réserve naturelle en France, provoquée par l’Homme et qui aurait pu être très largement évitée, parce que la compagnie SPSE connaissait forcément l’état de ses gazoducs… pollutions croissantes dans nos océans, qui pourraient être évitées juste par des comportements plus responsables, voici un exemple de dégâts que provoques ces ordures sur l’écosystème maritime… un autre type de pollution, au sens plus large, celle des comportements pollués par des traditions stupides, bestiales et sans aucun intérêt… sinon l’affirmation d’un soi imaginaire idiot… s’agit là d’exemples de pollutions inacceptables… Après chacun est libre de penser ce qu’il veut… Pour nous tous, ces images sont horribles, pour d’autres personnes, ces images définissent le cours normal de la vie au 21ème siècle, correspondant ainsi au prix à payer de la modernisation…L’intérêt de l’article de la NSF, est d’établir un constat sur l’état des océans, de sorte à apporter des chiffres, des images concrètes des conséquences de ces pollutions et des risques sur le long terme… et ainsi de mobiliser l’attention de chacun d’entre nous, sans choquer les susceptibilités… Bien sûr que cette étude se s’arrête pas au texte, ouvert au public, à nous tous… Cette étude permet ensuite de défendre des thèmes importants relatifs, dans ce cas, à la protection de l’Environnement Maritime…Les articles de la NSF ouvert au public donne un aperçue des travaux de recherche que la Fondation finance… Oui, j’aurais bien voulu accéder aux articles, aux rapports de recherches au complet, de sorte à laisser les techniques employés et les résultats plus pertinent… Mais toute recherche se doit d’adopter un comportement discret… Alors le fait d’être informé par des articles, certes restreints, mais novateurs, c’est déjà impliquer les populations dans les avancées scientifiques…Parmi les articles que je reçois j’essaie de sélectionner ceux, dont j’ai un coup de cœur et ceux qui peuvent nous apporter des connaissances ou tout simplement faire travailler notre imagination…Je vous souhaite à tous un excellent Dimanche et à bientôt…Have a Great Day everyone, Bye-Bye and see you…

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