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The Art under all his forms

Hi to all Clin d'oeil

I propose you to start up the month
of September around the Art theme:

 Soleil   the Art to write by a small poem,

 Soleil   the Art of the sculpture and paint,

 Soleil   the Art under all his forms,

 Soleil   the game Art,

 Soleil   the Art to the Environment service…

 Begin first by a small poem that I
composed, an evening of August, an evening where I was pensive on the sense to
give to the existence… I think that many are those that aren’t again conscious
of the Happiness that is in them, Happiness that submerges their life and that
they abandon for trifles (to refer me to the current events, to certain
incomprehensible news item…)

 From the moment where we ask
ourselves questions on the Evolution Theory (while referring itself to Charles
Darwin), on the real sense to give to the existence and not the utopian sense
that we have too often in the habit of him to grant, wrongly… of other
questions burst out and many other again…

 And we notice ourselves that life,
the existence, the faculty to think, the faculty to express itself under all his
forms are as much wonder as it exists well an explanation that we can qualify
truth to a given instant, to a given era, for given technologies…

This truth can next: 

to be supported by a more evolved era, with more evolved technologies;

evolve while giving a complex one itself to other truths enacts to other

 Pensif   contradicted by advanced technologies that allow us to assert the

 All this, to say you, how much it
feels existence leaves us pensive…

What I would wish therefore, in this
September 1st 2009, this is to bring you to put you as much as
possible questions to the reading of my poem, who of course doesn’t respect all
the rules of construction of a poem (having done the scientific and not
literary studies), but that expresses the notions of emotion (lines 1 to 4), of
will (lines 5 to 8) then of conscience (lines 9 to 12). 

therefore the Poem: 


The immensity


To the hope glimmers,

Saw to put himself a night butterfly,

On a pansy about despair…


To tear sadness’s,

A caterpillar awakened then,

The nourished metamorphosis of the weapons…


To the color lights,

A rainbow began fleeing,

To leave to glimpse the depth…


In the space verdant and blue-tinged,

The life of thousand colors began shining,

Immensity, I call you for your clarity…


 Notice: I chose to play on word subtlety while trying to give
a positive sense to words that we are used, to use to express something


Let us pass now to the Art of the sculpture and paint…

(Bison Gagnon) transports us in his
artistic universe…

Appareil photo  My sculpture and stuff that I do by Bison Gagnon 1

Appareil photo  My sculpture and stuff that I do by Bison Gagnon 2


Johanne Blouin Bourque takes us
towards a Art style, where the look represents the major element of the expression…

Appareil photo  Aida Art by Johanne Blouin Bourque


The Attic (Le Grenier) offers us through the picture the Art under all his

Appareil photo  To find our Happiness in the Attic by Le Grenier 1

Appareil photo  To find our Happiness in the Attic by Le Grenier 2


Asteraki proposes us a part of chess
not as the others… we can qualify this chess party as a game Art…

Appareil photo  The winner will be… by Asteraki


At last, the Environment being our centre
of major interest, Diana Le proposes
us the Art of the Clothing… A very special collection… A collection of which the
fashion parade must avoid the cactus, preferably…

Appareil photo  new fashion dress with plastic balloon by Diana Le


After traversing some Art aspects Sourire… I
wish you to all an excellent evening Rire… and to soon …


Today (September 2 2009), some explanations to bring
to the poem: 


Line 1:  All life is represented by hope and "the
hope" could be qualified questions to positive responses;

Line 2:  "The butterfly" reflects liberty
(the liberty to think, to evolve, to invent, to construct); "the
night" recalls the dreaminess (or the imagination, the planning…);

Line 3:  The beauty of "the pansy", the
flower, blurs despair; despair being qualified questions to negative responses;


Line 4:  "Sadness" recalls the hope, while
"the tears" represent the water under all its forms (the dew, rain,…
drinkable water…);

Line 5:  "The caterpillar" represents the
beginning of all beginning, of all life, of all gaits; the caterpillar can
represent the solution, the invention, the creation…

Line 6:  "The metamorphosis" recalls the
transformation of a caterpillar in butterfly, of a child in adult, the change
of an era to another, the evolution of a behavior towards a more reasoned
other… "Nourished" recalls water importance in all existence;
"The weapons" correspond to the developed means to attain a goal: it
can be a matter of the formation of the wings, antennas, paws that will give to
the butterfly the necessary means for an aerial existence; it can be a matter
of the knowledge growths that allow the growth of an economy, of a culture, the
development of new technologies…


Line 7: corresponds to the sun
reflection on the rain droplets ("the hope" on line 1 for the light
and "the tears" on line 4 for the colors)…

Line 8:  "The arch in sky" isn’t visible
that on a current instant ("to flee"); this is the sun after rain;
this is the passage from one state to another, of an existence to another, from
one behavior to another… Concretely, this is the caterpillar metamorphosis in
butterfly that comes to an end…

Line 9:  "the depth" represents the
beginning of a new one… "To leave to glimpse" refers itself at once
to the hope and to despair, therefore to the questions that burst out on the sense
to give to the Existence…


Line 10: it’s an hypothesis
matter to all the questions; "growing green" recalls the Earth and
"made blue" recalls the sea and the sky…

Line 11: this is the life puzzle,
this is all the steps of construction; this can be a labyrinth to one or
several gone out; this can be all the works of a research to result in the
final result…

Line 12:  "The immensity" corresponds to the
Existence with a big one "E" and this is at each of us of some to
define its frontiers, its property, its elements… "The clarity" represents
the response to the Hope (on line 1) and to Despair (on line 3), therefore the
response to all the questions; "the clarity" represents the result or
the report of a life, the culmination of works of research, the result of a
creation, the effects of a technology, the sense to give to the Existence…


I wish you an excellent evening more
pensive, more philosophical, more imaginative… And since we talk about
imagination, I want to inform your children and all the students that are part
of my network that the competition Imagine
Cup 2010
begins, competitions organized by Microsoft for the students through the World … You can register
yourself to compete in one of the 9 proposed categories… and of which the Worldwide
final will unfold itself in Poland, in July 2010… Then if you have at the
minimum 16 years, launch you in this wonderful competition, to which ones I
participated in 2009, in
the photography category…

MICROSOFT – Imagine Cup,
competition for students through the World

Imagine Cup is a competition
organized by Microsoft for students through the World


Register now to Imagine Cup 2010


What’s Imagine Cup?



Imagine Cup – the news

Clin d'oeil

The different competitions to
which you can compete


Imagine Cup – the blog


Imagine Cup on Facebook


Forum of all the competitions


Microsoft Programs for Students
through the World

Clin d'oeil

What’s a MSP? Where? How you can
become a MSP (Microsoft Student Partners)…



I wish you a wonderful Evening to
all, Bye-Bye and see you Sourire

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  1. tsat
    2 septembre 2009 à 9 h 44 min

    c’est beau mais nous n’avons pas l’habitude de voir ce genre d’art et ça a l’air si réel.bise et à bientôt!

  2. Cynical
    2 septembre 2009 à 10 h 52 min

    Very nice. Admittedly, I don’t understand some of it fully, but I felt it as a whole, pulled together around a single theme.Peace, Doc

  3. Valerie
    2 septembre 2009 à 19 h 01 min

    Bonjour Tsat, Hi Cynical and to all !Thank you tsat and Cynical for your comment… @ Tsat, oui c’est vrai, d’où l’intérêt de partager un Art … je ne sais pas comment nous pourrions le qualifier?…?… peut-être un "Art étendu à l’extrême"… lol… @ Cynical, you found well… I could have added the explanation of my poem yesterday, but, I wanted first that you did your opinion without conditioned being to my personal explanation… I come therefore to bring the detailed explanations of my poem today… =je viens donc d’apporter les explications détaillée de mon poème aujourd’hui…Have a Great Evening everyone, Bye-Bye and see you !!!…=Très Bonne soirée à tous, Bises et à bientôt !!!…

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