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small sample of Crucial Scientific Research financed by the NSF (National Science Foundation)

 Hi to all Clin d'oeil

Very young to the school,
we learn the basis expression to speak objectively of a subject… This basis
defined itself by three words: the method, the observation and the

Then while following our
studies, this basis itself complexities according to the speciality that we
choose to explore to drive to concrete results of research…
But the observation remains present whatever the research…



What Scientists Know About Jewel
Beetle Shimmer

Ampoule Ampoule



This item rests first
on the observation of the external structure of the Beetles of the Scarabeidea
family, Jewel Beetle, who seems to
change colour according to the place where we are located to observe them,
then on a noting, the one, what the external structure of these Beetles
(their shell) is composed from a matter that opposes itself to the light
absorbance… This matter, on the structural plan is one mixes cells more
pentagonal, more hexagonal and more heptagonal (to 5, 6 and 7 sides) Clin d'oeil

Of course that these
Beetles are magnificent, what they serve even of jewels Rire… But this matter that
composes their shell for reflect a maximum of luminous rays, uses protection
against these radiances…


Then, beyond visual
Beauty of the reflected light on their shell, do imagine the interest of these
researches on the Environment of tomorrow Pensif 

Yes, now that this
superb team of Research pierced the physical secret so well kept by these
Beetles Clin d'oeil this matter that composes their shell and that reflects a maximum light
… then future research will arrive to create similar syntheses matters that
could serve to big scale and beyond the aesthetic aspect…: 

Soleil in the building sector, for a
better thermal insulation;

Soleil in the health sector, while
integrating this structure in the surgery to the laser;

Soleil in the textile sector, as
thermal insulating;

Soleil in certain combinations, that
must protect against too excessive luminous radiances, such as the
combinations of the Great SpaceMen… Clin d'oeil of the Great Astronauts…




Bugs: The Forgotten Victims of
Climate Change




This superb item treats
consequences of the climatic change on the insects that play a crucial role
in the ecosystem, among others in the pollinations… The research is realized
on two types of caterpillars…

Even if as me, you have the phobia
for certain insects …Confus… I reassure you, the caterpillars transform
themselves in wonderful butterflies Rire

Seriously, absolutely all the
insects without exception contribute to the good functioning of our Ecosystem…

But an alarming report must be
taken into account… The insects being incapable to regulate their internal temperature,
they are the first victims of the climatic warming… Obliged to change
habitat, they are constrained to adapt itself to a new environment… the
consequences on the middle and long terms are migratory movements, genetic
drifts… threatened types… and all an Ecosystem in stress…

The research proposes and warns
against the directed relocations of types threatened by this climatic change…
Certain of them can be invasive and drive to disastrous consequences for the
local types… to meditate Clin d'oeil



Chemist Aims to Turn Molecules
Into Motors




Here an item that probably will do
to be born new vocations with certain children, with certain students… in the
domain of chemistry and precisely to the molecular scale and atomistic Clin d'oeil

Yes, we speak here of nanoscience,
to the scale of the 10-9 meters Sourire… where, according the atoms put in
contact, molecular complexes form themselves and can be observed, to
different energetic stadiums…

The interest of this research is
to improve and to increase the nanotechnology development, in particular in
the domain of the cell telephony, extensive electronics…


I have myself had the occasion to
realize a current, but fascinating training in Atomistic in 2005 in the Research
Institute on Catalyzes it to the CNRS of Villeurbanne…

My training work consisted in clearness
display the trans and the inverse trans effects throughout two transition
metal complexes: the molybdenum and the uranium.

The modelling tool who employed
was the Density Functional Theory (DFT), that is applied with the Amsterdam
Density Functional (ADF, program System 2004-01)…

A student furnished me a very long
list of numbers data of all the orbitals of the complexes and I had to
exploit them to realize under Excel the Orbital Diagrams…

The interest of this training was
to Following complexes of these metals and to analyse. Various geometric and
electronic parameters of the different octahedral transition metal complexes
were obtained, by the relativist density functional theory…

For anecdote, when I returned all
the evenings at my home, I spread all these pages and these numerous data
pages on my office, on my bed… wherever there remained of the place Pensif Embarrassé Clin d'oeil… and with
all my "stabilos", I grouped together the data that I was going to
exploit the next day and that wanted nothing to say at the start … Confus… And
with the passing of the days my subject of training had me totally fascinated…


Then for the student who don’t
know again what they will do later, the domain of Chemistry is very vast
(theory to the practice, while going through modelling) and completely
fascinating Rire




Life Underground Critical to
Earth’s Ecosystems

Ampoule Ampoule



For all those that know "Alice to the Countries
of the Wonders" … this item is a more concrete approach… Rire… and very
funny !!!…

 It’s a matter of a deepened study of the
biodiversity under our feet… style the earthworms… Confus… based on a molecular
study, by sequence of the DNA and not only morphology by the microscope

A rich biodiversity drives to a
fertile ground… and therefore to positive crop… from which the interest of
these extensive research on 26 sites… among them, several sites in Arctic…
Clin d'oeil… yes, in Alaska…

I suppose that these great
researchers were a little cold Embarrassé… what’s more counting and analysis of the
whole biodiversity of the basements, among others of the earthworms Rire
They are well courageous these researchers in


Because me, I never will forget
the dissection of the earthworm in first year of Bachelor Confus… it was necessary
for me 30 minutes before of just strength to hold the earth worm to set up it
with pins… in a water bowl before to dissect it under a magnifying glass…
what’s more, I had the impression by moment, what it moved Embarrassé… then I leave you
to imagine in which distress I was myself located with a boyfriend of the
same drainbord table that stopwatch the time that it’s necessary for me for
set up the worm of earth…

It was my first dissection… what’s
more under magnifying glass… I had a great professor of Animal Biology that
had pitied me while giving me the biggest one of earth worms… really!!! It
even hadn’t finished to digest, the poor one Triste

Yes, to the final one, I perfectly
had succeeded my dissection that used model… but I am not ready to renew the
experience Rire


is maybe for the same reason that these great researchers chose the molecular
analysis instead of analyzes it morphologic… Pensif Sourire Rire

I leave you to read the
item, its great well constructs, with a part of dreams while referring itself
to "Alice
to the wonder Countries" Clin d'oeil



Researchers Link Jellyfish,
Other Small Sea Creatures to Large-Scale Ocean


Ampoule Ampoule



Holala, of the dived submarine
close to the islands of Palaos… too well… with the jellyfish … Confus … Clin d'oeil

This excellent research will widely
have to be exploited for she can play a crucial issue in the phenomena
analysis linked to the climatic changes…

The conducted study around the
impact of the migratory movements of the sea animals, while using the jellyfish
for models, allowed noting the mixage of deep waters (cold) with surface
waters (hot) and therefore for consequence, a variation temperature in ocean
surface… with probably an impact on the oceano-climatique phenomenon, El

Pensif Phenomenon oceano-climatic El Nino responsible in part the climatic changments


jellyfish for models? … Well, I will not do plagiarized Sourire… I leave you to
read the item Clin d'oeil… You want a small index, before to read it? … And well these "submarine"
researchers Rire used as marker, fluorescent texture…

a reminder, the marker term is used to express a means of tracking, does here
the fluorescent texture… that have for effect? … To you to discover it…




New Hope for Fisheries on the Horizon?

Ampoule Ampoule



research, of big importance for the preservation of the marine species,
demanded two years of works in the field… oups… on the oceans… It’s a matter
of the analysis of the fish abundance by report to the exploitation rates…

impact of the reductions of the fishing’s quotation through the World allowed
the natural new formation of certain fish stocks … These efforts are paying,
and must therefore, continue to new inhabit our oceans…

local initiatives and to bigger scale, worldwide, allowed this partial populating
of the oceans… As what, the behaviour changes can suffice sometimes to recover
the normal course of all Ecosystems… to meditate Clin d'oeil



You have just discovered a small sample,
and already huge in positive impact, interest to encourage the pursuit of the
scientific research in all the domains…

In all us name… THANK YOU to the
National Science Foundation for all that NSF brings to all Humanity, to our
Environment, to our Ecosystem, to our Planet… and well more again… while
supporting of such works of scientific research…


The ticket of my blog being too
long, I cannot add the photomontages, on which these I could have joked… I
invite you therefore to discover them in the file that is consecrated for them
and to imagine the jokes that I could have added… PensifRireClin d'oeil

Appareil photo Photomontages of presentation of the Windows Live Spaces of my NetWork and others Rire Rire


 You will find tomorrow the next to last photo album
(Chapter3) that I had realized on the Worksite of the Feyssine with the collaboration of GFC-construction…

Appareil photo Impact of Wastewater-Treatment Station and their construction Arc-en-ciel Arc-en-ciel


wish you to all a GREAT month of August, Bye-Bye and see you on my blog in
September Clin d'oeil

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  1. john
    2 août 2009 à 0 h 01 min

    The interpretation is a key word here. The NSF is very flawed and does not look at all possibilities. Global warming is looking more and more like a hoax. Like Darwin’s obersavations were flawed in his interpretation.Oh I’m went to school for forestry and studied various science displines.

  2. Valerie
    2 août 2009 à 0 h 47 min

    Hi John and to all !The NSF has already establishes a complete report on the Climatic Changes… Only the research of which you speak is targeted on a special theme… You does me to think that I would have equally to add the link towards this file: Darwin works, I think maybe to write on my blog something in September or October… It was foreseen, but I lack time to do the credible research… to follow… lol…But then you have knows a package on certain sciences… Could you write some on your blog, and that I could quote in September? … or late? … This would be well, because you are learn in the domain… You have documents on Darwin that you could add in your skydrive, for that I can quote them… … works on the evolution theory, the animal expression, the hereditary transmission? …Have a Great Day or Good Night as me in France, Bye-Bye and see you tomorrow !!!…and as Rich say "Paselo"

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