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Scientific Weekend with the NSF and sports and…

Hi to all Clin d'oeil


My wink of the Weekend is for the
National Science Foundation… Here 3 items that I recommend you to read and of
some to look at the video… even if the Sciences usually fascinate me, this is
my selection of the Weekend Rire

Since my participation to Imagine
Cup 2009, I completely fascinated myself for the photography and for all those
that it’s possible to express and to transmit by the picture.

We say although the photograph
represents the universal language… But an exception contradicts the rule: 


Étoile Étoile Étoile The blind persons
hadn’t then even access to this language that we qualify nevertheless universal

 Yes, I use the passed of an
uncomfortable position that represents blindness, to present you an item on an
extraordinary research conducted by Second Sight and the Doheny Eye
to Los Angeles,
who deserves to be exploited well more in a future to offer a little more
comfort life to the blinds persons.  This research is financed by the NSF
and a lot moved me… thank you to Kathy Blake, attained of a genetic disease,
the Retinitis pigmentosa, disease to hereditary transmission generally
autosomique recessive, sometimes dominating with of rare case of transmission
linked to the chromosome X, that to the blindness total driving, by the
progressive destruction of the photoreceptive cells… and that is herself report
candidate to this experimentation to the human scale… thank you also to the National
Science Foundation
that to support these scientific research in the domain
of Health, but also in all the others domains, Environment, Nutrition,
Education… contributes to the construction of a Better World to all…


 Let us come back to the item
and let us do a short reminder on the retina: that is situated between the
choroid and the corps glass; the retina represents the internal membrane of the
three membranes of the eye. The retina is a transparent membrane constituted of
nervous cells and of nevroglic cells (of which the body constitutes the tissue
of support of a nervous system, here, the nervous system of eye).

 The retina is itself
constituted of 10 layers, of which layer of the nerve fibers view, the layer of
external granulous (named also layer of visual cells), the layer of the sticks
and cones (said also membrane of Jacob), The layer of pigmentosa… These 10
layers that constitute the retina are linked up between they by conjunctive
fibers (say also fibers of Müller).

 The visual information
processing is rendered possible thanks to the interconnections in the retina
and that explain the principles of convergence and of divergence of the
circuits of transmission excitement that returns the possible vision… eye
sensitiveness to the light goes depends, as for her, type of receivers of the
retina, knowing that the sticks are responsible of the night vision and that
the cones are responsible of the daytime vision (and are very sensitive to the
colour to the opposed sticks)… In the Retinitis pigmentosa, the sticks are more
touched them…


 I leave you to look at the
video to realize you concretely interest of the Scientific Research by this
moving example that is that a beginning… While supporting the Scientific
Research, we contribute all together, to improve our life comfort, in all the
sense of the term…

Eyesight to the Blind  Pellicule

This research consist in to
establish a microchip in the back party of the retina … With the assistance of
a camera integrated in a pair of glasses and of a radio for transmit
information to the microchip retinian… the end for the blind persons is to
obtain a vision of brightness’s light… and therefore to be able to orient

The principle is impressive and the
extraordinary result for persons attained of total blindness… I leave you to
read the item to know a little the technical used for a very promising result
for the years to come… This research is therefore my blow of heart of the
Weekend because it represents an advance in the medical domain that remains now
to explore more to arrive a day to give an artificial vision near to the
reality to blind persons… And when this day will arrive, then we will be able
to reconsider the photography as the true one and unique universal language…


Étoile Étoile Étoile The second item that
I wish to divide with you all, concern the study of the tornados and all the
interest of the project Vortex 2, what we can qualify of true laboratory
movable… of true Scientists near to risk their life while going to the heart of
the tornado with an equipment technological of the most more performance ones,
in order student, to understand and to arrive a day to mastery these disastrous
climatic phenomena, so on an environmental report that on of sad human reports…

We remind of the date back to May 3 1999, a well sad date for
the city of Oklahoma,
who deplored a sad human report of 36 deaths, of injuring several hundred… and
of a billion dollars of damages… a true waste…


 I leave you
to look at the video of this item to understand and support extent of a such
Vortex 2 project…

Unraveling the Mysteries of Tornadoes

  For all those that
wish to follow the new ones of the Vortex 2 project, here their blog…
Clin d'oeil Ampoule in which it
relates their adventures, the anecdotes, the results of their concrete research
and the used technologies… Has breadth their blog, we can live each of
ourselves their adventure, not without risks, but fascinating and with a
worldwide interest… for this is the knowledge acquisition that allow us several
masteries phenomena…



Étoile Étoile Étoile The third and last
item of the Weekend that I recommend you concern the health of our environment,
through the usage of hydrogenates it, a present element in our environment and
that it’s possible to exploit to store energy said green in all the motorized
machines…, in respect of our environment… I leave you to look at this video of
a great green police…

Hydrogen Trail Blazers  Pellicule


 But between us… chuttttt …
said nothing to nobody… lol… I prefer the Subaru of the French police force,
who isn’t green… ConfusClin d'oeilRire

I should be able well to have me fun
to the flying one SubaruClin d'oeil, for
lack of to be a Pilot of Formula 1… and to especially condition to withdraw all
the radars Confus before my passage…


And since we talk about formula 1,
don’t forget to see Sunday the Grand Prix of Hungary… We can already to follow
the essays in the blog of Evenstar Saima Voiture  Voiturethat hold spaces of
Kimi Räikkönen for his Fans… Then, let us cross all our fingers and our toes to
wish a PODIUM for Kimi Sunday at the time of Hungary Grand Prix… Thank you
Saima to let us dream the Formula 1…  I love it !!!.. 

As for me, completely being
fascinated of speed and of photography, but not being a pilot of Formula 1…
Appareil photo
Ampouleoups… lol… I crack
for the superb albums photos… those that do climb a little the adrenaline of
the car races Clin d'oeil… and
that we do it to live through the picture…


And for the Hostesses of the Hungary
Grand Prix of Formula 1, Diana Arc-en-ciel
Arc-en-cielproposes a
collection of high sewing to bases plastic balloons… and that visibly did its
proofs in a desert of cactus… lol…

But it’s not sure that the dress
Hostesses of the Grand Prix withstands the heat… Rire


Then… we can qualify our weekend of
SPEED and of battle of plastic balloons Clin d'oeilSourireRire

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    27 juillet 2009 à 11 h 56 min


  2. Valerie
    27 juillet 2009 à 15 h 55 min

    Hi to all,Buongiorno e grazie Stefania… Buona settimana a tutti, arrivederci ed a presto… (oups… grazie al mio software di traduzione…)Have a Great Week everyone, Bye-Bye and see you !!!… and as Rich say: "Paselo"

  3. Natural ♥
    1 août 2009 à 4 h 05 min

    Hi Valerie,I will enjoy reading your blog posts. Science and Spirituality are two of my favorite subjects.Have a Great weekend 🙂

  4. Valerie
    1 août 2009 à 23 h 47 min

    Hi Natural and to all ! You’re welcome Natural … Thank you ! Then I’m happy to divide my passions for Sciences and all others passions, as Formula 1… Have a Great Day… Here it’s 1hour after 46… oups… It’s time for me to go sleep… Good Night everyone, Bye-Bye and see you !!!…

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