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History through the World – for never to forget

 Ampoule AmpouleAmpoule Hi
to all Ampoule Ampoule… … … … …

 A Big
one THANKS to Grandpa Dewey and Grandma Frances for the left message in my
profile concerning the documentary on the
"World Trade
… This
is very important for me to have your opinions…

Yes, I imagine unfortunately that
this day of September 11 2001 is horrible for America… In France also, it
was so sad and engraves that I no longer wanted to look at the news… And then,
the years pass and here that on the Windows Live spaces of "laGACETAciber
LIBROS", there is this documentary of the two Twin Towers,
since their construction until their sad disappearance…

And there, I am said that this
documentary must be divided, because it that redraws the history in his entire
one and while pay a very beautiful homage to all the victims for that never we
don’t forget them, of generation in generation Horloge

I created this file Ampoule Appareil photo History through the World – for never to forget Pellicule Ampoule with the intention
of to group together all the facts marking History through the World, whatever
the written language, provided that the documentary is well illustrated, that
the picture talks about itself and that the software of translation can
translate a minimum… for that we could all understand…

I haven’t a lot of times in this
moment for to visit all the "skydrives" persons being part of my
network and of other networks… Then PLEASE,
if you have documentaries that strongly redraw a moment of the History, can you
send me a message to give me the link towards this documentary that I will be
able to download in my file ?…

You can leave me the message on my
profile, here as a commentary, or you can send me a message by email to

And for the persons that don’t wish
to divulge their identity, I will quote only the link towards the document
source that I would have downloaded…

I would want also to attract your
attention, to all, on the fact that I don’t adopt a definite position for any
political party (even if I vote for the one of them… all, without exception,
drove their country in the Economic Crisis…), I don’t adopt a definite position
for any claim group… I am equally against anarchy… It’s very important to vote
to bring its opinions…

And in my Windows Live spaces, I don’t
wish to do the political claim, or propaganda, except scientific propaganda, because
I am fascinated for the Sciences…

Ha… and except the propaganda for
the blue colour, being my favourite colour… Rire Clin d'oeil

Why I need
each of you to create this file?

Because to make a neuter and
credible file and seen by everyone through the World, the information must
originate different sources… If the different sources group together the same
information, then this information becomes credible… And I can then download the
document that redraws in a manner the most complete this moment of the History…

Then all the documentaries that I
would download in this file, I would want, that they are looked at with the
respect that the History of the World imposes… that be itself a documentary on
the spring of Peking, on the fires in Greece, in Australia, on the history of Georgia,
of Indian of America, of Slaves, division of the Korea in North and South Korea,
earthquake in China at the time of the JO, on the Tsunami of 2004, Famine in
Scotland, the fall of the wall of Berlin, on the Resistance, on the War of the

I would want that this file be a memory of the History of the World, seen
by strong moments all while redrawing a Historic one…

A huge one THANK YOU by advances to
all the persons that will contribute to the formation growing this Historic
file… Sourire

= French version

Un Grand Merci à Grandpa Dewey et Grandma
Frances pour le message laissé dans mon profil concernant le documentaire sur
World Trade Center
… C’est très important pour moi d’avoir vos opinions…

Oui, j’imagine
malheureusement que ce jour du 11 septembre 2001 est horrible pour l’Amérique…
En France aussi, c’était tellement triste et grave que je ne voulais plus
regarder les informations…

Et puis,
les années passent et voilà que sur l’espace de « laGACETAciber LIBROS »
il y a ce documentaire des deux Tours Jumelles, depuis leur construction jusqu’à
leur triste disparition…

Et là,
je me dis que ce documentaire doit être partagé, parce qu’il qui retrace une
histoire dans sa totalité et en rendant un très bel hommage à toutes les
victimes pour que jamais nous ne les oublions, de génération en génération Horloge

créé ce dossier Ampoule Appareil photo
History through the World – for never to forget
Pellicule Ampoule dans le but de regrouper tous les faits marquant de l’Histoire
à travers le  Monde, quel que soit la
langue écrite, pourvu que le documentaire soit bien illustré, que l’image parle
d’elle-même et que les logiciels de traductions puissent traduire un minimum…
pour que nous puissions tous comprendre…

Je n’ai
pas beaucoup de temps en ce moment pour visiter tous les « skydrives »
des personnes faisant partis de mon réseau et d’autres réseaux…

Alors s’il vous plaît, si vous avez des
documentaires qui retracent fortement un moment de l’Histoire, pouvez-vous m’envoyer
un message pour me donner le lien vers ce documentaire que je pourrais alors
télécharger dans mon dossier ?…

pouvez me laisser le message soit sur mon profil, soit ici, soit me l’envoyer
par email à

Et pour
les personnes qui ne souhaitent pas divulguer leur identité, je ne citerais que
le lien vers la source du document que j’aurais téléchargé…

voudrais aussi attirer votre attention, à tous, sur le fait que je ne prends
position pour aucun parti politique (même si je vote pour l’un d’entre eux…
tous, sans exception, ont conduit leur pays dans la Crise Economique…), je ne
prends position pour aucun groupe de revendication quelconque… Je suis
également contre l’anarchie… Il est très important de voter pour apporter ses

Et dans
mon espace, je ne souhaite pas faire de la revendication politique, ni de la propagande,
exceptée la propagande scientifique, car je suis passionnée pour les Sciences…

Ha et
exceptée la propagande pour la couleur bleue, étant ma couleur préférée… Rire Clin d'oeil

Pourquoi j’ai besoin de chacun d’entre vous
pour créer ce dossier ?

que pour rendre un dossier neutre, crédible et vu par tout le Monde, l’information
doit provenir de différentes sources…

différentes sources regroupent une même information, alors cette information
devient crédible… Et je peux alors télécharger le document qui retrace de façon
la plus complète ce moment de l’Histoire…

tous les documentaires que je téléchargerais dans ce dossier, je voudrais qu’ils
soient regardés avec le respect que l’Histoire du Monde impose… que se soit un
documentaire sur le Printemps de Pékin, sur les feux en Grèce, en Australie,
sur l’Histoire de la Georgie,
des Indiens d’Amérique, des Esclaves, de la division de la Corée en Corée du Nord et du
Sud, du tremblement de terre en Chine lors des JO de Pékin, sur le Tsunami de
2004, sur la Famine
en Ecosse, sur la chute du mur de Berlin,  sur la Résistance, sur la Guerre du Vietnam…

voudrais que ce dossier soit une mémoire de l’Histoire du Monde, vu par des
moments forts tout en retraçant un Historique…

énorme MERCI par avance à toutes les personnes qui contribueront à la formation
croissante de ce dossier Historique… Sourire

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  1. Tim
    13 juillet 2009 à 10 h 56 min

    Yes, I remember it well. Sometimes seems like only yesterday. I don’t have anything (document wise, etc.) to share about it, but I’ll see if I might be able to find something. If so, I’ll get back with you and advise.

  2. Valerie
    13 juillet 2009 à 14 h 19 min

    Hi Timothy and to all !Thank you a lot Timothy for your commentary and your assistance… I would want so that this file be our file to all… a common research of all the subjects marking the History through the World… This would be as a work of team and what’s more to the international one, for each of live us in a different country… and while grouping together the news, we divide them necessarily… Yes, It would be great if each of us group together in this file the very useful documentaries and marking the History of the World…Have a Great Monday everyone, Bye-Bye and see you !!!… "Paselo"

  3. Duckie
    15 juillet 2009 à 17 h 23 min

    I am not sure exactly what you are looking for. My memory of 9/11 is a personal one. I live in MA USA and my son was stationed in the Marines in CA. He had come to me that August for R&R from a near fatal car accident that April, so he was with me when the news hit. I do not believe that he knew just how serious world wide that horrible incident was in the beginning. When it was timefor him to return to CA the Boston airport was still closed. After contacting his commanding officer he was put of the first flight out of Boston to CA. There are no words to describe how I felt letting him go in a world that had just become more dangerous. I remember trying to find a way to say good-bye. All I could say to this very young man was, "Call me when you land in CA." I tried my best not to pace the floor while he was up in the air, but I am certain there was a knot in my stomach until he safely landed and called. I also have a brother who was scheduled to be in those twin towers that very day and time. Just by chance (?) his business trip was cancelled on the last minute.

  4. Valerie
    15 juillet 2009 à 20 h 00 min

    Hi Duckie and to all !What I can say, otherwise, a huge one THANK YOU Duckie for your personal testimony… there are sometimes circumstances in the life that seem negative, and that to the final one save us life, as this last-minute cancellation… that has a lot to mark your brother when the two Towers disappeared and all the victims with… The testimonies are very very important… They give of the interest to a documentary; they allow for him to exist… I HOPE to have not done harmly while awakening injuries… My WISH is to give an inestimable value to a History, who tragically belongs to the passed… Thank you infinitely for this testimony…Have a Great Wednesday evening everyone, Bye-Bye and see you !!!…"Paselo"

  5. Mike
    17 juillet 2009 à 1 h 41 min

    I work at a community college and remember that day also. I live in the midwest and so it happened about 7:45 am my time and my co-worker ran out of our office like a jet headed for the student area where the big tv was just freaking out saying a plane had hit one of the towers. I walked over to the radio and flipped on AM radio which was next to a 4th floor window and listened to the news and just stood there and listened for 1/2 hour and just watched the daily traffic and couldn’t believe it. I remember hearing the news that the Pentagon had scrambled 3 jets out of Langley Air Force base to stop the last plane because it was headed toward the White House but the people on the plane stopped it which was crashed in Pennsylvania. The jets did not make it but I thought of the people that became heroes that day. The thing I remember the most that affected me was I got home from work and walked out of my garage toward the house about 3:30 that day and it was either an Air Force or a Navy Jet had just flown by my house back out toward the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. It was a very emotional day and very sad for our country.

  6. Valerie
    17 juillet 2009 à 18 h 14 min

    Hi Mike and to all,THANK YOU enormously Mike for your testimony… Yes, this is a very moving day… and the two Twin Towers must remain in our heart… for that the victims are honored for always… I have just heard again an attempt in Indonesia… and I have just craving to say, that those that look for this destruction are nothing… and that they don’t try to justify their act… Because nothing, absolutely no cause to the World can justify to kill… Then it is only killer and not defenders… and what’s more, shame to these killer ones… Who kill innocent victims… Thank you again Mike for your testimony…

  7. .
    17 juillet 2009 à 19 h 19 min

    It is a day no one will forget, thats for sure. I had it on sky news when they were talking about the first plane hitting the towers and because they were filming a documentry program at the time there were cameras there, as I was watching the news…the second plane hit the towers, I was just stunned at what I was seeing, horrible, and a memory that will not be forgotten.

  8. Valerie
    18 juillet 2009 à 9 h 48 min

    Hi Summer and to all,Thank you a lot Summer for your testimony… Yes, we never will be able to forget… to keep in our heart the beauty of two Twin Towers and of all the Persons that were present that day and that left with the two Towers to the sky… For that all these Persons rest in peace, they remain in our heart forever…

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