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Impact of Wastewater-Treatment Station with GCF-Construction collaborations

   Hi to all Clin d'oeil 

My wink of day eye concerns to a
project of exception, that of a builder GFC-Construction which generously
accepted that I share in my space Windows Live with the whole world, a
construction of big importance which considers me very heart as its impact towards
our environment. It is about the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Station
of Feyssine, situated in the department of the Rhône, in France. 


The urban community of “Grand Lyon”
made, once again, the excellent choice of the grouping of companies, composed
of Degremont (representative and process), GFC-Construction (civil
engineering), Patriarche & Co (architecture) and the SDEI (for 3 years of


Yes, it was already the same for the
construction Wastewater Treatment Station of Pierre Benite (STEP), the situated
also in the Rhône.


I even want to add, that the STEP of
Pierre Bénite should enter the tourist course of the City of Lyon; besides having an essential utility, it
is so beautiful and conceived well nothing that for the pleasure of eyes, it
really deserves the detour …

The principle of working can be
global schematize according to this order:


This first chapter is
going to make you discover, under the aspect of two albums photo the beginning
of construction of the STEP of Feyssine by Men of Works of exceptions, which
authorized me to use their image through my photos …
Thank you the Guys!!!…

Chapter 1 –
album 1


The phase of general excavations

works of foundations     


The pull down of tablecloth

Chapter 1 –
album 2


The general excavations (continuation)

The curtain of the pit of raise

The curtain of the flue of discharge 

The foundation of clarifiers


I consider that the Sciences without
the hands of the MAN are only thought things … And a World without Science is
only sluggish things and things which move … Then, I would like to pass on
through these albums photo, my conception of a World ideally constructed, and
it, thanks to Men and Women actively present around the technologies …

I wish, through this initiative, to share with each of you,
the positive impact of the Man on the environment, and particularly on the
conservation of the water … If we consider the natural cycle of the water, we can
say that the water enters a closed cycle, and, is thus an inexhaustible
resource …

Now, if we take into account human
activities, the previous assertion is not valid any more …

The world industrialization, the too
fast growth of the world population make some water, a resource was
over-exploited for industrial and domestic needs …


And this speed of overexploitation
of the drinking water (which represents, let us call back it, that 3 % of the
75 % of water which compose our Planet) obliges us to be interested in water
treatments, and thus in interest to conceive Wastewater Treatment Station …


Such a project requires(demands) a
period(delay) of not unimportant conception about 3 years, among which 2 years
for the construction of the foundations, approximately one year furthermore for
the construction of the machines of water treatment and brought in:

An architect (Patriarch and Co) for the Design;

A research department for the evaluation of materials;

A builder (GFC-Construction), who with his Men of Works, conceives plans
until the construction of the foundations;

A representative and a process ( Degremont), which is the purifier, the
company specialized in the installation of the machines of waste water
treatment on the foundations built in the prerequisite by GFC-Construction …

To Whom, it is necessary to add experts, researchers and technicians who
are there to estimate, test the efficiency and the safety of the installation
before its stake on the way but also during all its duration of functioning, in
a common purpose: allow the natural cycle of the water to be able to regenerate

Then, with such a delay of
conception of wastewater treatment station, it is urgent, that the leaders of
the Whole world mobilize together and with these Professionals of the
construction and the water, around this type of construction, and it, beyond
the environmental interest, for a HUMAN interest …

Yes, in the speed of our
consumptions, our Planet is going eventually dehydrate and we with and let us reminds
ourselves that it cannot have of life without drinking water there, except some
rare forms of micro-organisms …


French version:

Compte tenu de la longueur du texte, la
version française se trouve sur le billet précédent…

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