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Join networks for the fascinated photograph

   Hi to all Clin d'oeil

For the fascinated photograph, I
have networks to recommend you to join, it’s a matter of :

The network of Andrey
to have travelled through the World while retrieving us albums photos,
narratives of its trips,

The network of Evenstar
that realizes superb albums around the Formula 1, of Kimi Raikkonen and of

The network of Sirpa
for albums photo, special Botany, What I like a lot,

The of the network of Jeff
for his skydrive, that I not had not the time of discover totally, but that
seems rich of hope, of happiness, of philosophy…

In my network, there is many other
very interesting profile in the matter of computer, of Microsoft products, of programming;
certain persons are of the professionals (students or programmers) data
processing and post uniformly very important the news in their blog…

French Version :

Pour les
passionnés de photographie, j’ai des réseaux à vous recommander, il s’agit :

réseau de  Andrey
pour avoir voyagé à travers le Monde en nous rapportant des albums photos, des
récits de ses voyages,

réseau de Evenstar
qui réalise de superbes albums autour de la Formule 1, de Kimi Raikkonen et de Ferrari,

réseau de Sirpa pour des
albums photo, spécial Botany, que j’aime beaucoup,

réseau de Jeff
pour son skydrive, que je n’ai pas eu le temps de découvrir en entier, mais qui
semble riche d’espoir, de bonheur, de philosophie…

Dans mon
réseau, il y a bien d’autres profil très intéressant en matière d’informatique,
des produits Microsoft, de la programmation; certaines personnes sont des
professionnels (étudiants ou programmeurs) de l’informatique et postent
régulièrement des informations très importantes dans leur blog…

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  1. Andrey
    30 avril 2009 à 10 h 33 min

    Sincerely thank you for this topic.

  2. Christopher
    30 avril 2009 à 11 h 38 min

    Great Photos, I will explore the networks,thanks

  3. Valerie
    30 avril 2009 à 12 h 07 min

    Hi to all ! You’re welcome ! Thank you a lot Christopher and to all for to lend attention to my blog, of as much as I very much like to divide the news that are important to my heart… I would want to do some as much in computer, But I doesn’t there know big thing (being rather student in Microbiology and not having sufficiently time to form me to computer, to the programming. ..)… For computer, I have therefore chosen to rejoin networks that about it speaks, often in a manner very technical (too technical for me or in a language that I doesn’t understand) … and it’s normal … each his specialty… Have a good day everyone, Bye-Bye and see you soon !!!…

  4. technogran
    30 avril 2009 à 13 h 34 min

    Hey! I love your Space! which theme are you using? It looks really good. Love the photos.

  5. Valerie
    30 avril 2009 à 14 h 34 min

    Hi Technogran ! Thank you a lot for your opinion, as for the subjects that I approach in my blog, of as much as in me fascinating in several domains, I’m myself see that a lot of other persons through the world divide the same passions, and I find inspired to have this possibility to divide to the international scale our passions or of the news that can be very utilies, through our spaces Windows Live, too Flick (for to have equally joined your network, for the beautiful album photo on the nature that you created)… I would like also some to do as much in computer, but I haven’t again the knowledge… Then for computing, I prefer to leave the qualified persons to speak about it, without what one would risk a huge computer bug… lol… Have a good day everyone , Bye-Bye and see you soon !!!…

  6. technogran
    30 avril 2009 à 15 h 28 min

    Valerie that’s okay and thanks for your comments about my pictures on Flickr. Can I ask you which theme this is that you are using for your Space. I like the colours as sometimes the colour of your Spaces page can enhance your pictures that you show. This grey colour is quite good.

  7. Valerie
    30 avril 2009 à 16 h 45 min

    Hi Technogran ! As I love the car races, particularly the Fomula 1, brief, I love speed (but with moderation on the road, if one doesn’t want to lose points… oups… ) I use on my blog the THEME "sport", then " formula 1"… It is true that the writings go out again well, but the formula 1 of bottom doesn’t see itself almost… This is the reason I add the network of Evenstar, because there, we are lots photos to strong sensation, where speed, the piloting and the adrenaline arrives to feel itself… Have a good evening everyone, Bye-Bye and see you soon !!!…

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