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my wink of day eye : National Science Foundation

  Hi to all Clin d'oeil


I want to speak to you about an
extraordinary foundation, the N.S.F.
(National Science Foundation

I know this foundation only by all the articles which I receive … While to
say, except that it is my wink of day eye, that to receive so many fascinating
articles, in so many domains of the Sciences and have enough time for all to
read them and make them to you share…

Then miles excuses to NSF for
articles which escape my reading and which very probably are also interesting as
those, whom I sometimes quote…

 Why to speak about NSF?

Because here is a governmental
agency of the USA),
which remains nevertheless independent from the government, and which acts in
favour of the evolution …


By supporting financially the
scientific research … Then how do not to promote our full will such a
foundation, which concentrates all its energy in the defence of the scientific
researches, by granting the budgets necessary for any scientific research with
positive connotation …

What is admirable, it is that this
foundation chose, since its creation in 1950, to defend, to promote and to help
financially the researches in all the domains of the Sciences, provided that
they are builders … 

Thanks to these Men and these Women
who believe that the World can evolve with the evolution of the Sciences …


For all those who do not understand
how persons can like the Sciences and make their sense of honour:

Clin d'oeil     
the Sciences allow us to improve our comfort of life,  

to understand what is unexplained,  

to bring hypotheses until answers to our questions, our doubts,

to dream about technologies which will be accessible in a future, but so
that they are him, they must be thought from today and improved in time …


invite you to click the links, who shall allow you to go towards some articles,
around researches steady and financed by the NSF; it is about some varied
examples question there to honour all these Men and women who work in the idea
to protect the World of the Sciences for the best …

of search financed in Biology
: research on larvae of
salamanders used as charms in the fishing of fresh water, sold in pet shops in
Arizona, in the Colorado and in New Mexico, and, which would be infected by a
virus or a mushroom, according to the pet shop … Then imagine the consequences
on the health of the populations which feed on fishes so fished …


of search financed in Climatology:
the Vortex 2 project, which has for
objective to understand the functioning of tornados, their point of starting up
and so to manage one day to prevent enough in advance the populations of sort
to avoid the climatic disasters with lived dramatic consequences every years … This
project implies 50 scientists, 40 research vehicles, as well as 10 mobile
radars …

without support of financing, this type of project would never have been able
to come true than whom on a leaf of draft …


of search financed in Maritime Ecology:
the study of the impact of the
human activities on the maritime ecosystem, by the analysis of coral, the
evaluation of invasive sorts, and part there even of a report alarming on the
state of our oceans…


of search financed in Physics:
the study of a more precise measure
to date the mass of Boson (which are particles obeying the statistics of
Boss-Einstein, such as photons, mesons). For those who find no interest in this
research, know that without the precise knowledge of particles such as the
photon allows understanding cycles in biology, in biochemistry, in geology,
etc. …

Pour ceux qui souhaitent lire la version française de "mon clin clin d’œil pour N.S.F." , il vous suffit de cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous…

clin d’oeil sur la NSF sur mon blog (version française).doc

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