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The Scientific Collection Survey

  Hi to all,
I would
want to divide this item with everyone (it originates famous one "
National Science Foundation", known for its
serious one and its activities in almost all the domains of the Sciences).
This item concerns "
The Scientific
Collection Survey
" (NSF)    its interest, its
functioning, its usefulness to the world-wide scale, and unfortunately on the
budget lack, the personnel lack…

 The NSF needs to be to safeguard.  NSF is as important as a Bank
genomic.  This structure allows preserving and to work on future research,
on future improvements, in several domains. 
 Then, my wink of eye of the day will concern itself NSF and will at the same
time of him to give the means to continue to exist, but especially to

future is all simply our future, because NSF is as our active memory…


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